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Test results

Hi everyone, hope this sees you all well!

Hopefully someone will remember me from my first panic post a little while ago about my daughters levels being all over the place and the secretary basically telling me she was going to go into a coma if it wasn't sorted *face palm* well I've calmed down now we're finally getting somewhere!

Her GP and Peadiatrician both acknowledged that her vitamins needed checking after me telling them that shes not 'herself' and that she was in agony with her legs (mainly her left,from her shin to the middle of her thigh but now complaining of back pain too) so these were checked to rule out arthritis and Fibromyalgia (i need to get her booked back into the GP for a results check up regarding this actually).

Anyway, the results - TSH 7.1, he hasn't given me an actual figure for free T4, just said "this is a little bit above the upper normal limits" if anyone knows what this might mean? with this though, he's suggested she stay on the dosage as normal and have bloods again in 6 weeks.

B12, folate and ferritin levels have all come back normal, however her vit D level was 33nmol/L (???) and suggested she start taking Pro D3 liquid drops 100IU/drop, 4 drops daily (can someone please enlighten me if this is good or is there a better alternative or should i just stick to what the doctor has suggested??) oh and that she adds more calcium into her diet.

Thankyou all


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Get into the habit of asking for results and ranges as "a little bit above the upper normal limit" really depends on the doctor's idea of what a little bit is. It is unusual to have high TSH and high T4. Didn't the paediatrician say why both were high? Thyroid manager suggests it may be due to resistance to thyroid hormone or to TSHoma which is a benign TSH secreting pituitary adenoma.


Vit D 33 is very low and 400iu daily isn't going to do much to improve it. I would suggest 10,000iu daily x 6 weeks then reduce to 5,000iu daily and retest in late July/Aug and get your daughter into the sunshine as much as possible.

What are your daughter's folate, B12, ferritin and calcium levels?


I'll call tomorrow (they only work 2 days a week) and get exact results as this information was only provided in a letter.

shes only 12, does that make a difference in your suggestion of 10,000iu daily?



No, I checked her age to make sure she wasn't an infant.


ah ok, thanks :)

ill post up to date details asap!


Always get a print-out of the results with the ranges. The reason being labs differ in their machines so have different ranges. It also makes it easier to comment upon them. This may be of interest. The doctor has now died but he was an Adviser to Thyrioduk.org.uk and also Director of Fibromyalgia Research Foundation.



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