L-Thyroxin- hennings ?

hi , im trying to find a thyroxine that suits , im bad with most fillers, binders artifical sweentners , and was wondering what would be better to try next liquid thyroxine or L-Thyroxin hennings , ive got a good dr and will help me , ive narowed it down to liquid, L-Thyroxin or martingdales pure , but thinking L-Thyroxin will be the cheapest , does anyone know the price ??

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  • I pay £18.71 for L-thyroxin Henning 100 microgram 100 tablets.

    Even through a UK pharmacy I suspect the price will be very much lower than for the other options. However, I cannot say that I'd be that hopeful about it being a significantly better experience for you. Much as I might hope for you.


  • Hi rod. Its a new one to me. Why Henning? x

  • Some time ago I had some Aliud product available (complex reasons!) and it was convenient to try it on a temporary basis. (That is another German make that is lactose-free.) They seemed to work fine for me at the time but I was still titrating my dose at the time.

    After going through the problems with Teva, then finding that on Mercury Pharma I feel over-dosed shortly after taking it but under-dosed by the time I am due my next dose, and simply under-dosed on Actavis, I decided to see if German products were any better. (I also tried combining MP and Actavis - 50mcg of each - possibly better than either on their own but still not right.)

    My first try was going to Aliud (again) and that was good. Next order, Aliud was out of stock so I tried Henning instead. That too is fine. Both make me feel more stable than either MP or Actavis.

    I really have no explanation for this. Only speculation.

    There are details of both products here:



  • I see! Have you tried Martingales at all?

  • No - and no reason to. Martindales is horrendously expensive and that they use gelatin capsules and a filler (calcium phosphate is one of their options) both of which interfere with absorption, I am not at all convinced it is a "good" form to get it in. That it might be the only option at the end of the road I do accept.

    I am quite happy on either of those German makes - so long as it keeps coming and the price is affordable.

    I certainly couldn't persuade a doctor to prescribe martindales, nor could I realistically afford it.

    For those that really need it, of course it is worth it.


  • Hi Rod

    Do you use the L-thyroxin Henning lactose free tablets?

  • I did for quite a while. Then my supplier had problems receiving payments, etc., so I decided to try something else.

    Currently on 100 micrograms Actavis levothyroxine PLUS 12 micrograms Uni-Pharma levothyroxine.

    Straight 100 micrograms Actavis on its own did not seem quite right - adding the Uni-Pharma makes all the difference - for some reason.

  • Hi Rod, why do you have to pay for the German make? I have an uneasy feeling about Mercury Pharma, can't quite articulate why other than I just don't feel quite right on it even though my TSh is below 1. I've developed a thumping heart at night ( no anxiety or reason for it) and I don't feel over medicated. I would like to try another make too. I'd really like the American brand that is completely pure but I guess that would be impossible or hugely expensive.

  • Tirosint (actually European but best known from the USA) is very expensive. :-)

    I buy it (Henning) because I don't think I would get it any other way - and I do feel better on it. (Others might feel worse - I have no idea how to predict - and others might need to tweak their dose when changing).

    I agree that I simply did not feel right on MP - as if it over-delivered for a few hours then ran out. :-) Not dramatic but enough to want to change. I switched to Actavis and after about a week or so, had one of those horrible "Where am I?" days of feeling distinctly under-dosed. I switched back to MP. I took one MP and one Actavis (was getting 50mcg tablets and on a dose of 100mcg so that was easy). Nothing was quite right.

    When do you take your levothyoxine? I take mine at bed-time.


  • Do you have to get a private prescription for the l-thyroxin henning? Also where do you get it from in the uk? My local pharmacist has never heard of it and can't get it from the wholesalers - it is not listed at all. thanks

  • hi , its listed on thyroid uk , no u dont need a private prescription , just get your dr to write hennings brand on the scrip , the chemist gets it from idis international i think , but its easy for the local chemist to get me , hope this helps

  • sorry forgot to say , its german , and has to be ordered in

  • Thanks Christina. Good to know I should be able to get it on the NHS too. Are you feeling any better on the Hennings? Like you I always react badly to medicines.

  • hi , yes i do feel better , ive tried the lot , pure thyroine , liquid, t3, ndt, mixture of both , i found out that artifical sweenters ( that seem to be in a lot of food and medictions) was my main problem , then i found out it was the binders that hold the tablets together caused me problems , but ive been on hennings now 8 months now , and feel ok , i would say to you to get your iron , b12 , and folic tested as all mine was very low , i can let you know the name of the vitamon brand i use , its free from all the rubish that goes in most ? and ive been fine with them

  • Hi Christina

    I am due to start the L-thyroxin Henning soon and wondered how it is for you and what brand of vitamins you use for iron/b12? mine are low and I am hoping the new L-thyroxin Henning will help ease some of my horrible symptoms! 

  • Hi kerrycat, I used hennings and i tolerated it with no side affects but my nhs endo put me back on ndt I use natures own whole food vitamins , they are brill no added nasties , they are really helpful if you ring them , pm if u need any more info , always glad to help x

  • Hi where can I get those. From. Please?

  • You don't say what country you are in or whether you have a prescription.

    If you are in the UK and have a prescription, some German pharmacies will supply you. I do not know which ones would be a good choice.

  • I'm from UK

  • I'm from UK and have a prescription

  • Right you are, then you can send it to a German pharmacy and get the Henning make.

    I do not know which German pharmacies would be good to approach, or what the total cost would be.

  • hi i get mine from my localindependent chemist , if you having troble i ould ask at mine to see what suppier they use

  • Yes please. That would be helpful

  • i will give them a ring tomorrow and get back to you tomorrow

  • Thankyou

  • hi , my chemist gets it from a company called IDIS and the number is 01932 824000 , hope this helps

  • christina,

    That is helpful.

    I'd point out that IDIS will not speak to patients - so that number will have to be passed on to a pharmacist.

  • yes thats the number for your chemist to ring to order them

  • Thankyou I heard about Idis, but was to they had discontinued the henning now because of the Teva. Do you still get it easily? Maybe I could get it from a chemist somewhere else in the UK

  • I no longer taken Henning as I found another solution (my issue was never lactose).

  • What brand do you take now?

  • Mostly Actavis.

  • Activis made me feel sick

  • and me

  • well my chemist as no trouble getting it , so i carnt see why any other should

  • I've been told that because of Teva being on sale the company supplying it in the UK has lost its contract. That's strange

  • gosh i hope not , its been a long battle to find something that suits me , i would not no what do to if i couldnt get it ,been on this 2 years now

  • I use liquid. It changed my life for the better!

  • Mikivi

    I use Liquid but at £136 a bottle ( the double strength) which makes things a bit cheaper.However at present the NHS are refusing to pay which makes budgeting quite difficult !Do you pay and if not tell me how !

  • Hi Mikivi,

    I get my liquid on free prescription, and the cost to the NHS is around £80 per 100ml bottle -- strength 100mcg in 5ml.

    The price is a disgrace, as it only consists of a minute amount of cheap active ingredient, in a cheap solution, in a cheap bottle! I guess that if many thousands of people switched to it so that it was manufactured in greater bulk, then the price could, in theory, come right down!

  • Goodness how expensive! I am not sure what double-strength means.

    I use a product called Tirosint. I live in Italy and this is on the italian NHS. It is not free without a prescription but on the box it says €11.00 which is about £14.00 these are drops with a dropper. 7drops equal 0,25 mcg levothyroxine . I use ready made sachets of this liquid form in my daily dose of 0,75 mcg. It costs the same but is ready prepared in individual daily doses. T3 is also available in the same form called Liotir.

    It has been amazing for me. I probably digest this properly whereas I spent 15 years of not being well taking the tablets. I hope this info helps

  • stay clear of aspartame, I typed in is aspartame bad for you and it clearly is, read up for yourself..............aspartame is used in a variety of drinks and foods and sweetners.

  • I take Martindale's which my dr prescribes but complains how much I am costing the NHS so says I can no longer have Vit d prescribed. No Idea what would happen if I need anything else from dr as he says it's unfair to spend so much on one patient!

    Funny how they would be more than happy to prescribe statins, anti depressants or BP tablets as they would gain points, and what do points mean? Yep, prizes!



  • try naturethroid or westhroid.....

  • hi , thank you all for your replies, can i ask , does any of you get the hennings on nhs prescription ?? and what do you think it will cost the nhs ? as im trying to get a cheaper one asell as one thats right for me

  • I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to get Henning on NHS prescription. I'd expect the price to the NHS to be in the same general area as I pay (less than £20 - see earlier response on this thread) but there might be other costs/charges, I do not know much about how these things get handled.

    (I've seen Aliud on NHS prescription but that was technically issued to get a lactose-free product.)

    Your chances of actually getting it depend very much on your GP, consultant, Clinical Commissioning Group, and so on. No idea what those chances really are.

    It would almost certainly be the least expensive option but don't go on taking it if it doesn't help.


  • ok , thank you will give it a try first

  • hi rod, thank you for your help , can i ask u if its the hennings you take ???? if so do u feel ok on it ?

  • I currently take Henning levothyroxine. I am not sure if I noticed any difference between that and Aliud. It seems to work for me.

    I don't want to guide, push or shove you towards Henning - we might be very different to each other and our reactions to it. Whatever you decide, hope it works for you.


  • well ten weeks into hennings on 50mg, was tolerating , now dr pushing me to get up to 125, and wants me on 100 in 2 weeks , struggling to get past 75, bad heads and now heart palps , ths 58 t4 8 dr worried and wants me to up them asap , but i told them its got to be a steady job , over weeks if not months , but they dont listen , and surgestions ? still feel so ill , tired all time , frezing cold, and sickly feeling , and no energy at all

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