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Hi I have no Thyroid it was taken out in 1999. I have to take the stuff and my choice is the take NDP. I am on the Wilson protocol and with a bit of luck I am hopping to be able to tolerate NDP. My big question is, a few years ago there was a shortage with this med world wide and the Dr I was seeing suggested that it maybe a good idea to move to normal Thyroxin and T3. I am a bit of a born worrier and what should I do if there is a world shortage of the drug or the Drs in power ban the stuff. or as my head tells me worry about that if it happens.

Cheers or I could build up a bit of a stock.

John c

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Hi there stockman27. The only thing with stock piling would be that they would be out of date by the time you got to all of them? Lynne x


You can stockpile and put it in the freezer in an airtight container - wrap in plastic and then put in a box with silica gel. I use WP thyroid but my plan is to buy a big stock of Thiroyd S which is cheaper and keep it in the freezer.

There was also a massive shortage of T3 last year and there have been huge problems with levothyroxine so your doctor's idea is not without issues and I don't think we are about to run out of pigs anytime soon, so my thinking is I can swap brands until my partic favourite is back in stock.

If the brand you are referring to is Armour, it's not really recommended for thyroidless people anymore, the general consensus is it's not much better than levo since it was reformulated in 2009 so you might want to look in to swapping off it anyway - most of us do well on Erfa, WP, Naturethroid or Acella. Lots of people report the Thai brands work great too.



Hi, how long do you think NDT would keep in the freezer? Longer than it's normal expiry date, do you think? Thanks x


Assume you mean ndt?

I built up a stock - also made sure i have 2 ways of getting it in case 1 avenue closes if you get my drift.

I have enough b12 injections and ndt to last me till halfway through 2016 (that is the sell by date)


yes it keeps past its sell by date in the freezer, I'm also a member of TPA they have some resources and info on their forum which is where I learned it. They are pretty good if you are self-treating.




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