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Recent bloods

Just got my latest lab results: (I have Hashimoto's and take 100mg Levo)

Tsh - 0.229

T4 - 12.6 ( 7-16)

t3 - 5.6 (3.8-6)

Antibodies - positive

Vitamin D and Ferritin too low, waiting for docs apt.

I'm feel ok but I can't stop gaining weight! More than half a stone in last 2 months and I've been trying to be careful. I'm eating limited carbs, I'm not drinking in week, I've been exercising! I'm sitting here feeling so depressed because I feel huge & I can't seem to stop it! I gained 2llbs last week and eat salad everyday 😢! Any advice?! x

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Yes. Eat more and exercise less.

Your hypo weight gain has nothing to do with calories. In fact, if you don't get enough calories, it makes things worse, because you need a good level of calories to convert T4 to T3. You need to eat about 2000 a day.

And, exercise will not only use up your precious calories, but will also use up your T3, which you won't be able to replace easily, because you won't have enough calories for conversion. A vicious circle, making you more and more hypo, and therefore making you put on more weight. It's low T3 that causes symptoms like weight gain.

And please don't say 'but my FT3's not that low'. It wasn't that low when you had the test, but how low was it after your exercise? And how long did it take to come up to that level again, given that you are relying solely on conversion of the T4 your take, to T3. And your T4 is pretty low. You need an increase in dose. :)


Thanks. I'd love to eat more but if I ate 2000 calories a day I'd be a big as a house! I'm only 5ft 3' and my min calories requirement is 1650/1700 per day. I'm not exercising excessively and actually haven't for a few days as I have an injury.

There is no way my doctor will up meds! I'm thinking of upping to 150 and hoping they don't notice the increase in prescription!

I just don't understand why I can't lose weight but can gain in a heartbeat x


Because you're hypo, and weight-gain is a hypo symptom. And, it has nothing to do with calories - probably isn't even fat! It's probably mucin, a lovely gooey substance we hypos get, that collects under the skin and retains water. Dieting and exercise won't get rid of that. Only optimal T3 will get rid of that, and you are lowering your T3 through low-calorie diets and exercise.

Who says your min calorie requirement is 1650/1700 per day? Calories are a bit of a red herring, you know. Life shouldn't revolve around them. The old theory of calories in vs calories out just doesn't hold water. Are you getting plenty of good fat? If you're living on salad, it doesn't sound as if you are. You need good fat.

But, even so, hypo weight-gain is not due to over-eating or under-exercising, it is due to not have enough T3 in your body to meet your needs. Can you, perhaps, buy your own? And to hell with your ignorant doctor!


I could buy, where is best place and if I'm in 100 what would you suggest I go up to? This time last year my t4 was 23/24, can't recall t3 but my weight was good! Nothing has changed but my body is just used to having 100mg but of course my doctor says it's satisfactory because I'm in range!

I do eat fats, eggs, avocado, salmon etc but I have really been cutting back these last few weeks. Fat is mostly my tummy, it's gross!


So, you're on 100 mcg (not mg) and you've been on that dose for over a year? Time for an increase, then!

To know where to buy T4, post a new question, asking just that, and people will PM you with their trusted sources.

Please don't cut back on the eggs and salmon. It isn't going to help, and could make things worse. :)


Thanks, will do. I've been on 100mcg for 2.5 years. Have done well up until last few months. Do you take Levo or a t4/t3 medication and what would you recommend?


I take T3 only, and I wouldn't recommend anything. It's such an individual thing, and you'll only find what suits you by trial and error. But, although your seem to be converting ok under normal circumstances, adding in a little T3 to your T4, could very well be beneficial. :)



FT4 is more than mid-range and FT3 is almost top of range. Zoem6 isn't under medicated.


Well, obviously she is FOR HER. Some people need their levels that bit higher.


Ps thank you 😍X


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