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Could it be the adrenals?

Hello, I have posted recently about my persistent hypo symptoms with my highish tsh despite high in range ft3. I took a 24hr saliva test and I have very low cortisol in the morning, like half of average. However my cortisol is centre of range during the day and night. I realise that low cortisol can cause pooling of t3 in the blood, so is it possible that my adrenals are the culprit, or would it need to be low for most of the day to be problematic?

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This may be better addressed on an adrenal group as it's more complicated treatment. I know the optimum ranges are higher in the range and it's a balancing act with supplements at different times of the day.

Adrenal problems do occur with thyroid sufferers so someone may be able to point you in the right direction.


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