Cortisol normal could it still be adrenals?

I see a great holistic physician who tested me for everything before treating me, including doing a 24 hour Cortisol test which came back normal. Recently I went to a naturopath who said it was my adrenals that are preventing me from properly absorbing the NDT and that it might be subclinical. She recommended Life Extension Adrenal Energy which has Holy Basil and Ashwagandha. I found similar information on Stop the Thyroid Madness (which is generally recommended by this community). So my questions are.... If my cortisol is normal could it still be adrenals? Has anyone heard of subclinical adrenal problems? and what did you do with this information, what did you take, etc.? Also, are these supplements (Holy Basil and Ashwagandha) going to mess with my thyroid meds making me worse?

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  • I would want my adrenal glands checked before adding meds.

    Have they been scanned? x

  • Scanned? How do you get that done?

  • I had the 24hr saliva test and it came back 'normal' but there was a small note saying that your body can compensate if you have had it for a long time and so will give a false normal.

    When I went to see Dr P he tested my reflexes and sitting and standing blood pressure and said I did have an adrenal problem. I hadn't been able to tolerate an increase in Armour which was why I went to see him.

    It took several months on Nutri Adrenal and other supplements but I am now managing to increase every few weeks and hopefully will soon be on the optimum amount.

  • Thanks Mouse. That confirmed what I had heard fro the natruopath. I will have to look into the Nutri Adrenal.

  • It is all very well reading supplemental recommendations for adrenal fatigue, I tried liquorice tea for example which made me feel much worse. My specialist said there would be a reason for this relating to hormones, sorry I am not more specific here as I am still in the middle of sorting my own issues out, but what I wanted to convey is the importance of being properly tested before experimenting with supplements, one size does not fit all.

  • Thanks Joyia!

  • Doctors will only test for adrenal FAILURE not adrenal FATIGUE.

  • Thanks Glynisrose!

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