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hi guys i posted my adrenal and thyroid results yesterday i was seeing doctor p who prescribed me ndt for my low t3 but didn't mention any think about adrenal support in which i have high cortisol through out the day except on the night where it is normal. anyway i presumed from wot he said they where stressed due to the low t3 which does sound logical so i brought some armour since taking it im up to 1.5 grains and im not feel great at all i feel flu like symptoms and had nausea alot and struggle in to get out of bed in the morning. ive been taking my temp over the day and its fluctuating so much so thats telling me the adrenals are struggling with the thyroid meds even more than b4 cause normally i get up to about 36.6 c by 1700 now im struggling to make it to 36.1 so now im thinking i need to stop thyroid meds and go back and support my adrenals first but how do i do that with high cortisol??? i know how to treat low cortisol but not high ive even got hc in the cupboard but doubt its any use here would taking adrenal cortex help out here ? sorry for al the questions but the doctor i was seeing is ill at the moment and is off work for a month so im a bit lost wot to do here thanx mark

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Dont know, Ill be curious to see the responses because Im in the same boat. Im taking thyroid meds and its not working that well...Yes, according everything Ive read, you should get your adrenals balanced first...Thats the first step.


yh thats wot i think, this site is good for adrenals drrind.com/therapies/metabo...

i just cant find any think on high cortisol and how to treat it.so have you got high cortisol also?


I would phone Dr P and leave a message, then his secretary will get back to you with advice. That's what I did last week as I was having a problem with the medication I was taking. Good luck x



I am really struggling with fatigue at the moment, could you let me know who Dr P is and how to contact him as I would love to have a consultation with him.

Many thanks


Hi, I'll private message you.

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ok thanx ill try and ring again 2moro :)


yh i have high cortisol and low t3

sample 1 48.93 h ref range 7.45-32.56

sample 2 17.62 h ref range 2.76-11.31

sample 3 11.50 h ref range 1.38-7.45

sample 4 3.00 normal ref range 0.83-3.86

so im trying to find out if i should supoort them first.


Hi Markgreenhill, just seen this post whilst looking for a very similar picture to my sons, wondered how you are now and what you have tried to lower the Cortisol?


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