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I am into adrenal testing .. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if addisons is not causing adrenal problems will it always be pituitary problems .. my cortisol is 50 terribly low and had a synch test and am waiting the results but is it only Addison or pituitary that causes low cortisol , help pls I am worried out of my mind

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You can have low cortisol from sluggish adrenal glands and that is not necessarily Addisons. Maybe this article will help.

stopthethyroidmadness.com/l... (check cortisol on this list)



thank you for taking the time to reply ,its looking more like I have a pituitary tumour


Really? I don't know a whole lot about it but have not read anyone with that connection. So many have adrenal problems seem to come from the gland just being dysfunctional similar to the thyroid gland.

Is there something you read specifically in those links that led to that conclusion?


the nurse who gave me my synch results said if addisons is not the cause then mostly its the pituitary


I probably shouldn't argue with a nurse but the idea of stressers causing the adrenals to constantly put out cortisol until it is worn out seems more of a common cause. Perhaps these will help.


thanks , my cortisol levels are very low not sure of the thyroid connection although I do have an underactive thyroid 100mdg daily for 20 plus years


my cortisols are too low not too high ...


Hi Fallen Angel, low cortisol doesn't have to be caused by a tumor, it can be if you have ever hit your head or hemorrhaged during child birth; (sheehans syndrome), or other reasons. They can also cause depression and fertility problems, among others. these can be treated with hormones and hydro-cortisone, Please take a look at these sites.



Hope this reassures you a little x

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hi and thanks , I haven't had a head injury and I didn't lose lots of blood giving birth , I had tests 4 years after my daughter was born and pituitary was fine then ...nurse told me if not addisons then most often pituitary tumour I am ill with worry..


Hi, FallenAngel,

Sorry I haven't replied sooner, only just seen your reply.

There are lots of reasons why you could have low cortisol other than the ones I gave.

There has recently been a post about head injuries ETC being just one of many causes, and that could be just whiplash a a bump on the head Other are viruses, inflammation and others.

Here is the link;


And please look at the links from helvella Administrator.

There are some members on here that have gone through pituitary tests and or ops who could better reassure you, including the member Hevella mentions. Perhaps if you ask for help/advice about the tests and what the results could mean, stating your anxiety you will get a better response.

As I have no experience myself, I can only imagine the stress you are going through, I only hope for that its not as bad as you imagine, and that you get the answers soon. wishing you all the best xx


thank you xx


Hi, haven't been on for a while. I was just wondering if you had had any further progress or investigations?


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