Help deciphering blood test please

Help deciphering blood test please

Hi can anyone help with these please ? History of hypo in Mum and nan, I have nearly all symptoms, yet path lab refuses for 4th time to do T3 test which mum and nan showed up on as their TSH and T4 looked normal. Just sent off to Blue Horizon for T3 etc full thyroid test . Will upload clearer picture today.

Thanks in advance

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  • Sorry cannot read them - even on the PC :-)

  • The majority are much to small and fient to read. Except that your cholesterol is ever so slightly raised - which isn't a problem, but probably means your FT3 is a bit low.

    Your TSH is 1.79, I believe, and you'll never get a doctor to diagnose you on that.

    However, is 11 (10.3 - 22.7) which is very low. So your FT3 probably is, as well. But we can't guess at it. Try suggesting central hypo to your doctor, where the thyroid gland is normal, but there's a problem with your pituitary or hypothalamus.

    Your ferritin, B12, folate are all a bit low, so could do with a boost. Can't see a vit D.

  • Thank you so much I will upload another picture when I get home but good advice thank you x

  • Your ferritin is too low, need to be at least 70 but GP won't care as it is in range. Same with B12 which needs to be at least 500. So you probably want to supplement those.

    TSH and FT4 are both low in range, suggesting possible secondary or central hypo if you have hypo symptoms, but as you say, you can't really tell without FT3. You could suggest this to your GP, but probably won't do any good. or email for the list of doctors and endos with a clue and see one of those privately.

  • Thank you very much for the advice , I will email Louise x

  • Ferritin is way low (only 7% up in range). B12 is too low. FT4 is way low (only 5% up in range). TSH ignored, a poor diagnostic indicator. Suspect your cholesterol being over-range is a symptom of hypothyroid. FT3 is critical to diagnosis. Are you currently taking T4, and are you currently on any nutritional supplements?

    That pic was really difficult to read, I had to pull it out of the post and use an enlargement tool. Please try to get the next results upright with good lighting!

  • Exactly what I have been thinking , thank you it means so much to have people understand and not think it's in my head like the the doctor thinks. I'm not on any medication as the doctor doesn't think I have anything wrong ! Sorry about the lighting will upload later in the light and the new ones when back . Thank you again x

  • Doctors have this annoying habit of thinking bottom of range is just as good as top of range. NOT!

  • Yes I'm seeming to find that out, they are not listening to me at all and the worrying thing is that I keep having micro sleeps while commuting even if I've slept all night I'm so exhausted all the time 😢

  • Hi guys

    I have now got blue horizon tests back please can I have advice on next steps . Does the blood result look like I'm hypo ?

    Thanks in advance

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