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Hair dye & thyroid problems?

Iv`e recently read an article about a chemical in hair dyes called resorcinol. It`s been called an endocrine disruptor, & the article claims that it can cause thyroid problems. If this is true, then I may have an explanation for my underactive thyroid, because Iv`e been dying my hair regularly for years. Iv`e bought some herbal hair dye on the internet, & if it works I`l use that from now on instead of the ordinary kind.

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Hi hairyfairy

Thank you for posting this. It certainly makes me wonder.

It may well explain why I suddenly became allergic to hair dye 15 years ago! Diagnosed hypothyroidism 27 years ago.


sadly theres a huge range of things which are capable of disrupting the body and hormones

hair dye and the majority of cosmetics ,anti perspirants,deodorants etc etc

one of the commonest neuro toxins that has devastating effects on the whole body comes from the use of aluminium or non stick coated cookware or foil and this includes drinks cans and almost every canned food since cans are no longer made from tin but an amalgam kf dubious metals inc aluminium

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Resorcinol is present in a huge range of things. The Wiki article is worth a glance. But don't think that going "natural" is necessarily the answer. One of the fairly fashionable hair... Blow it, Holland & Barrett say:

Miaroma Argan Oil is highly prized in beauty circles, giving deep nourishment with nutrients and fatty acids.

Well, argan oil has resorcinol as a constituent.


My own view is that we are hypothyroid the detox pathways don't work as efficiently to remove toxins from the body. This includes heavy metals, pesticides, as well as chemicals in hair dye; the darker shades being worse. I now dye my hair myself with a henna based product called Logona. I hope this is as natural as it appears!


I read an article relating to this on a plane donkeys years ago. My lovely hairdressers researched, as it worried them so much, but couldn't find anything at the time...I stopped colouring it anyway!


hi there datsoon1 here,i have been dying my hair various colours for nearly 50 years,asked doctor about it he said it would not cause my rls,there was nothing in the ingrediants to cause it


I have read that regular hair dyes contain resorcinol, which can disrupt the endocrine system & cause thyroid problems. I didn`t want to stop colouring my hair, so now I use natural dyes from the health shop.


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