Could my underactive thyroid have been caused by excess oestrogen?

Iv`e been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid some yaers ago for which I`m now being treated. I tested negative for thyroid antibodies, so I`m still racking my brains as to what caused it. When I was young I always suspected that my oestrogen levels were higher than they should have been, though my doctor wouldn`t do tests. Iv`e read that excess oestrogen can damage the thyroid. Could this be to blame for my thyroid condition?

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  • Hello HF I ask myself the same question! I am now classified hypo and have negative antibodies. I know I have had excess oestrogen due to having had Breast cancer 7 years ago which was 100 percent oestrogen positive and had 5 years of suppression meds.I suspect it is now back on the rise, but this has never been confirmed,just my feeling on the subject.

  • You have given me food for thought, I was taking HRT from the age of 45, was found to be hypo at age 60, having recently given up HRT.....makes you wonder ?

  • Doesn't some oestrogen come from body fat too? I started to balloon in my late 20's, I have the figure of someone with oestrogen dominance. It's another hormone, so why not?


    The second on this chart talks about lack of progesterone which may create the estrogen dominance.

  • Hi Heloise, That chart is incredibly helphul, thanks for putting it on. I used a progesterone cream a few years back, it's made me want to resume it's use.

  • After the birth of my daughter in 1965 I decided to take the birth pill for contraception, in those days when the pill first came onto the market, the oestrogen and progesterone content were high, It was not long before I started to feel very unwell, due to much ignorance on my part at that time my Doctors insisted the pill was not the cause. Eventually I asked to see a Psychiatrist as I thought I was going mad, he said he did not think there was anything wrong with me mentally but he said he did know what my problem was and that was an over-active thyroid. After then seeing a consultant I was taken off the pill some ten months or so after initial dose. In 1967 I had a partial thyroidectomy.

    I have learnt from this website that thyroid disease can start after the birth of a child, but as I recovered from the birth and felt well until I started taking the pill I have always believed it was the high hormonal content that caused my condition. How naive we were then. If I understood what I do now I would have sought alternative help for my over-active thyroid instead of having it removed, we did not question medical advice as much as people do these days much to my deep regret.

  • I have PCOS and Hashimoto's (tested POSITIVE for antibodies and other tests indicate an autoimmune condition). PCOS is said to be linked to oestrogen dominance, and both are speculated to be linked to hypothyroidism, but which begets which is unclear. Suffice it to say, if you have some form of oestrogen dominance or progesterone deficiency, there is a likelihood you may also have an underactive thyroid.

    My hypothryoidism has been getting a lot worse over the last few years. Incidently, so has my PCOS. I've read enough to feel that in my case the two are linked. Google PCOS + hypothyroid. I'd also recommend getting tested for oestrogen and progesterone.


    about estrogen dominance on this chart #2

  • Thanks for this Heloise. wyn


    The second on the chart about estrogen dominance.

  • Very informative, thank you!

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