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Hair dye and hypothyroidism


I've let my hair go grey now for several years. I did so because I thought it was making my hair brittle and thin. This was in addition to the side effects of hypothyroidism. Has anyone had experience of using hair dye that doesn't add to damaged hair? I had been using Aveda products. My hair now is in better condition but only if I keep it short. It becomes very fluffy and fly away if longer. I just want to enhance what I have and I've accepted my hair will not thick again but I wold like to a blond!.

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Hello Citta, I colour my hair. It is very white and I put a sort of slightly warm beige on it to take the starkness off BUT when my hair was like straw/brittle/breaking/falling out, I stopped as the peroxide was making it worse. My hair is great now since 15 months of supplementing with ferritin and having to rub small amounts of coconut oil into it up to 4 times per day. I now just use colour every 8 to 10 weeks. I also have to keep my hair short to have the best condition. Also as we get to a certain age, Hashi or no Hashi, many of us develop dryer hair. Not sure how grey your hair is but Loreal have just brought out a non permanent blond colour called age preference in a slim box with no peroxide. This may work if you have light grey hair. Yes Aveda products are good. Don't wash your hair too often either. I hope this helps.

hachiko in reply to Baobabs

Great to hear! How much ferritin you took daily?

Baobabs in reply to hachiko

Hello hachiko, well I have taken a ferritin/folic acid preparation I get from my local pharmacy. It is a hospital pharmacy prep I get in Saudi where I work. It is 350 mcgs folic acid plus 100 mcgs iron as hydroxide polymaltose complex. 1 lozenge per day. 14 mths ago my ferritin was around 50 but now it is 130 ish. Once optimum level is reached I will have to try and organise a maintenance dose. I presume this is what has instigated the hair growth and eyebrows I might add. Seaside Susie usually advises on vitamins/minerals so you may wish to look at some of her posts for recommended ferritin preparations. You must have your levels tested first as it can be dangerous to have this too high. It does take a significant amount of time for your levels to rise. I also take my supplement with a dissolving vit C tab of 1000 mgs to assist absorption. I think needs to be consumed 4 hours away from thyroid meds. This seems to have worked for me but I can't speak for others. My hair is fantastic, even if I say so myself BUT I still feel pretty crap. I hope this information helps.

Thank you! I have salt and pepper hair with a patch of white on the crown. My hair was very dark brown before it went grey and to honest, it always frizzed around the hairline. Short and blond I think is the way forward.

Hypothyroidism and nutritional deficiencies can make the hair dry, brittle, and thin. I, too, decided not to colour my hair for all the chemicals and the additives that are present in hair dyes. Along with adding a chlorine filter to the shower, it was one the best thing that I have done to my hair.

I use some of Aveda products as some have hydrolyzed wheat proteins (designed to hold moisture in the hair). I add a bit of essential oil to a tiny amount of coconut oil to condition my hair.

Hi there instead of using permanment hair dyes could you not try the semi permanent ones with no amonia et -i dont use permanent any longer as it does really damage the hair, i stick to 6-8 washes and dont wash your hair so often just like researcheruk said.🌟🌟

Citta in reply to Rmichelle

I think aveda do a cross between a semi and permanent. I had it before but the lighter I went the more it stung my scalp. I think a darker blond will be better.

Yes because the more lighter the more peroxide-i used to do hairdressing 25 years back until i had a change of career.

I often think it would be great to have a wig and leave all the damage behind until our growning glory is beautiful again-lol just like sharon osbourne did!!😊😊

I’m HypoT and have always dyed my hair. I use Garnier Nutrisse. My results are very good and last about 6-8 weeks depending upon my hair growth cycle.

I have long, naturally curly hair. I don’t wash my hair every day but when I do, I condition the heck out of it. Inside the shower, I use Pantene ProV shampoos and conditioners; outside the shower, I use Infusium 23 Pro Leave-in treatment along with Pure Oils Moisturizing Marmalade.

I like a golden blonde result so I use a combo of hair color shades - 100 Extra-light Natural Blonde (Chamomile) on the crown/roots and then streaked into hair to the ends, and 93 Light Golden Blonde (Honey Butter) on the rest. I end up with a very natural result, with super soft hair and bouncy curls.

Citta in reply to milkwoman

Sounds fab!

I still color my hair also. Have kept it short for many many years. My hair now seems to have more luster but use a conditioner every time I shampoo. Funny thin is, now that I am on T3 only my hair is now coming in (especially in the back of my head) very curly!

Baobabs in reply to guysgrams

Well how strange as my hair is much curlier since beginning T3. Coincidence or what? My gran used to say curls were achieved by eating crusty bread? I am gluten free now so not true for me. Mind you I always put two and two together and make at least ten!

Great article on Hairloss and hyporthyroidism in case someone's interested

Baobabs in reply to hachiko

Wow, how supportive has this little thread been to folk?

Wow, how supportive has this little thread been to folk?

Hi Citta, are you having your hair dyed with Aveda in the salon or doing it yourself? I would like to dye my hair myself but struggling to find Aveda hair dye online.

Citta in reply to Kari55

you can't buy on line. maybe salon would make you a solution that you could take home

Kari55 in reply to Citta

Ok thanks!

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