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Update and advice on Dr Peatfield/Self Treatment


So after backwards and forwards to hospital and GP appts this is the outcome of my thyroid tests/ultrasound etc.

My GP can't do anything as the hospital haven't yet written to her with my latest blood test results but even though my own results show my TSH is high end normal and FT4 is low end normal they are still considered "in range" and the view is that people are dotted all about in those ranges, so some will be upper and others will be lower etc but it's still all considered normal.

However she didn't agree that my ultrasound was normal and whilst it's not concerning, there are nodules and it is enlarged, she also said that given my family history of thyroid disease she didn't agree with the hospital that there was no need for follow up and wanted me to have 6 monthly blood tests to monitor, as she feels there's a good chance I will develop hypothyroidism in the future and wants to be able to act on it sooner rather than later.

I'm not upset as I wasn't expecting anything else, I found it interesting that she had the ultrasound results (done by a very nice doctor) but no sign of the blood test results or report from the battleaxe nurse I saw!! Oh interestingly enough she felt I should make a complaint about the nurse. I said I'd given some negative feedback but she said it might be useful to write to the hospital as I'm probably not the only one who has experienced that kind of attitude.

So I'm not prepared to endure another 6 months or longer of feeling miserable and suffering with numerous symptoms so I plan to get my own treatment.

Does anyone know if Dr Peatfield is still working at his clinic? Only I would love to book to see him and thought if I could then I would get the Blue Horizon 10 or 11 Thyroid check done beforehand so I could go to him with my results?

If he's not I'm seriously thinking about just getting some NDT and giving it ago but obviously I'm not sure where I would start with this. I appreciate people can't advise me on taking medication but I just wondered for those of you who do self treat can you tell me how you found out about doing this as I don't want to go ordering something dodgy or overdosing!!

Thanks as always!!

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Munchlet, I started self-medicating last August with NDT which I bought online. I've sent you a PM about this. I read a few books, Stop the Thyroid Madness by Janie Bowthorpe, Your Thyroid and How to Keep it Healthy by Dr. Peatfield and Recovering with T3 by Paul Robinson. I also used the Thyroid UK website (and joined), which has lots of information about dosing.

What doctors mean when they say 'normal' means the blood tests fall withing a normal range, even though you might be feeling very unwell indeed. Most doctors don't look at symptoms.

Your T4 needs to be below 1 and your T4 and T3 need to be at the higher end of the range. You may need to get your T3 done privately. Also, has your doctor done B12, D, folate and ferriting. If not, ask her, because these are important when it comes to thyroid function.

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Thank you Scazzoh funnily enough I did start taking a Vit D supplement as I figured I never get any sun. Even when we have sun I'm so fair skinned I have factor 30 on and I'm covered up. Having read about the benefits of Vit D I didn't think it would do any harm, I also noted when I was in Antigua last year it was the best I've felt in ages and not surprisingly I was in the sun quite a lot! Having said that it wouldn't do any harm to get my levels checked. I appreciate the links to the books I was looking at Dr Peatfields book on Amazon but hadn't heard of the other one so think I will order those as it will be a good starting point. Thanks again.

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Sorry Scazzoh meant to add at the minute my TSH is fluctuating between high 2's (mid afternoon blood test) to high 3's (early morning test) and my FT4 is under 13 at a range of 12-22, my FT3 wasn't too bad from what people commented just seemed to be the TSH slowly increasing and the FT4 only just in range, someone did comment on one of my previous posts that my T4 was probably coverting like mad to give me the T3 I have.

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My results are in a similar place:

TSH: 2.05 (27/2/17) and 2.79 (9/3/17) Range 0.35-5.00

Free T4: 9.3 (27/2/17) and 10.2 (9/3/17) Range 9.00-22.00

No T3 tested.

Would be interested to hear what you find out. Toying with seeing someone privately. But who?!

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It is so frustrating my GP said if my TSH was 4 she could treat for sub clinical hypothyroidism and my last test it was 3.83, it is ridiculous. I will keep you posted, I've thought about going private but to be honest the only person i've heard consistent good reviews about is Dr Peatfield, I think the key is finding someone who looks at the symptoms rather than just blood tests.


you need to go back and strongly suggest that the posibility of Central Hypothyroid is tested for

low tsh and low free t4 is bound to be accompanied by low t3

that combination = central hypothyroid

its different to primary hypothyroid in that the pituarity is faulty and never in a million years will TSH ever go over their magic 5.0

my husband ,daughter and grandaughters all have Central hypothyroid and were disgnosed with TSH of 2.9


Hi reallyfed up my FT3 isn't low it is 4.81 in a range of 3.1 - 6.8 is, one of my tests the FT4 was 12.92 and tsh was 2.25, last test tsh was 3.83 and ft4 was 12.6 so it does look like the tsh is rising as the ft4 is dropping just not past their magic 4. Do you still think this is indicative of central hypothyroidism?


sorry Munchlet response should really have refered to Matineedle

clearly you are hypothyroid and your results priove why we always say get the blood draw early morning as thats when TSH is highest

what is undeniably wrong is this total inability for doctors to correctly diagnose on clinical symptoms and instead rely so rigidly to meaningless blood tests

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Thanks reallyfed up it is frustrating, what made me laugh is my GP saying, I can give you some creams for your really dry skin, some sachets for your constipation and some artificial tears for your eyes, but we can't give you a trial of thyroid medication to see if helps. I'm already on antidepressants, PPi's, medication for IBS and pain relief/tablets to control heavy periods. Seriously I just don't get why they'd rather have us rattling around full of pills than give a trial of thyroid medication it is ludicrous!



was dr barnes aware you were on that lot because the antidepressants lower thyroid and pppis block absorption of vitamins etc

in your shoes i would be trying NDT and weaning off all that lot

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HI my GP is aware I am taking it all seems to be quite happy handing out more prescriptions too! The PPi's are a recent addition and I had my Thyroid tests before I started them but I have started taking prebiotics and trying to wean off them, problem is the rebound acid, I'm down to one 15mg tab every 3 days at the minute. I think NDT is what I'm going to do to be honest, I am going to ring Dr Peatfield's clinic and see if he is taking on patients and the waiting list etc.


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