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Update on follow up hospital appt


So as many of you have responded to me in the past I thought I'd update you all on my return visit to the hospital to get my blood test results.

Unfortunately I saw the same patronising nurse who kept me waiting an hour, then called me in to say "well all your results are within normal ranges", I asked what the results were and she said "you don't need to worry they are normal". So looks like I'll have to get the results from my GP.

I could see my TSH was 2 something, couldn't see the rest but I had the test done after lunch and I'd eaten so I know that it tends to be lower in the afternoon. I have no idea what the FT4 or FT3 was as I couldn't see those so not sure where they fell in her so called range and it looked like my antibodies were 35 and from what I could see on screen it said cut off range was 40.

She then went on to say that as they'd thoroughly examined my thyroid and everything was perfectly normal including the scan so she suggested my GP looked elsewhere to explain my vague symptoms!!

I pointed out that I didn't feel an enlarged thyroid with 2 nodules and a cyst was normal and she said "well yes but it's ok there's nothing wrong with it!!!"

Anyway I happily filled in my satisfaction survey for the hospital saying that she was nothing but patronising, unhelpful and would benefit from actually listening to her patients rather than deciding whether they did or didn't have a condition just from looking at them. Not that it will do anything but I felt better for airing my views!!!

So back to the GP to see where I go from here. I have to say that thanks to this forum I've been reading a lot on how vitamin levels, leaky gut etc can contribute to thyroid symptoms etc so I started taking a good brand prebiotic a few weeks ago and my IBS has disappeared and I've been feeling a bit better. I've also bought a thyroid support supplement with selenium, zinc etc and I'm going to start taking that as I'm wondering if I do have other issues with vitamin deficiencies which might be some of the problem, particularly as my antibodies appear to be negative.

I will keep you all posted just wanted to update as you've all been so helpful and supportive.

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They have a cheek being so patronising to patients whatever they have.

I'm glad you filled in the form and said exactly what you felt about her.

Well done you Munchlet - There are too many of these patronising , unhelpful nurses ( and doctors ) around. Naming and shaming would be quite in order in my view. !

Congrats on filling in the form the way you did!


Munchlet Well done indeed on your excellent form filling skills :D


Nurse: Well all your results are within normal ranges

I asked what the results were

Nurse: You don't need to worry they are normal.

Now practise this -

Nurse: Well all your results are within normal ranges

Me: What are the results please?

Nurse: You don't need to worry they are normal

Me: Oh, I'm not worried, but as it is my legal right under the Data Protection Act to have them, and as I keep a personal medical file at home, I wish to have them so can you tell me what they are please?

Smile and think "B*tch"


Congratulations on keeping your cool and not slapping the *****!

However, I'm not certain that that thyroid support supplement is a good idea. It could just be a waste of money, but if it contains iodine, it could actually be harmful. It would be much better to ask your doctor to test your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin, and just supplement what you need, rather that what some pill manufacturer, out to make a buck, thinks you need.

Some things you can just take without testing, like vit C, zinc and selenium. But, others you really need to get tested for first, like iodine, calcium and iron.

A lot of medics confuse healthy curiosity with anxiety. When I am told not to worry about blood results, I say 'I am not worried, I am clinically fascinated with how my body works'. That usually shuts them up.

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