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Neg ANA, positive TgAb, negative TPO

Hi guys,

Just got the ANA results which was negative. I haven't had a comment from my dr about it.

She stated previously she would be apprehensive to diagnose an autoimmune disease with a negative ANA... I have read somewhere that it is only about half the people with Hashimoto's that has positive ANA?

Or does this mean the possibility of Hashimoto's is less and leaning more towards a cancer diagnosis?

I am going to have an ultrasound of my thyroid on the 10th April - I assume to check for cancer, goitre and/or nodules.

Does that all make sense?

How would you interpret above?

(I have had lots of other test done - listed in previous post - mostly euthyroid with T3 below range once. Low on ferritin despite supplements)

Waiting time is frustrating.

Thanks all

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I had a positive ANA test yrs ago, but negative thyroid antibodies test each time the antibodies are tested. I repeated the ANA test at a later date and it came back negative. So I don't bother doing the thyroid antibodies test or the ANA test anymore. My lab tests are out of whack - with or without a positive or a negative result to my ANA and my thyroid antibodies. πŸ€”


So base-line - I shouldn't put much weight into whether the ANA is positive or negative? It could be either?!

It's so frustrating not having a diagnose. I feel I can't do anything as nothing is for sure.

- thanks for your reply londinium :)


Not much help as I don't think I've had an ANA test but I've tested positive for TgAb and negative for TPO but this still means hashimotos I was told x

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Thanks kjkla85.

It helps to know.

Feeling a little lost in the dark :)


You can have Hashimoto's even without testing positive for the antibodies. I asked a professor of endocrinology and he said it was possible.

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Well - that doesn't make it any easier to get a diagnosis then 😜

I hope I can see a specialist next time I am on leave (I am a Dane, but live in Tanzania - not the best place to have any medical problems)


Imagine you're told you have Hashimoto's and so you then follow a dietary protocol which improves your health. I'd suggest doing that. Otherwise, you may wait in vain, for several years, just like I did, thinking that some fool (aka a doctor) will correctly diagnose you.

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Frustrating not having a diagnosis? Welcome to the club. All the diagnoses that I receive are incorrect. My GP looked at my FT3 result last month - it was outside of the reference range - and he claimed it was perfect. I gave him and all those other so-called doctors who I'd seen - who are nothing more than charlatans professing to be doctors - my trust for all those years.


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