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Test Result Confusion

Haven't been on in awhile... i was trying to see how things worked out... here we go My first initial labs were...THS <0.015 L 0.34-5.60 FREE T4 4.04 H 0.61-1.56 THYROID PEROXIDASE >900 H<9 March after 20 mg of Meth TSH 0.015 TOTAL T4 5.4 4.5-12-0 T3 103 76-181 I was wondering why weren't the same exact tests run on the second blood draw. . i don't feel "AS" bad as i did during initial diagnosis but still have a few of the symptoms still.I gained all the 20lbs i lost in a month or two back plus a few more, also still muscle aches... hoping this new endo has more compassion.. trying to see a cardiologist too just to make sure.. Any input will be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

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Are you gluten/caseinfree? Your antibodies are very high so I'm guessing lots of inflammation.

Gluten, casein and the thyroid look very similar to the body so when you eat gluten/casein and it gets in to your blood stream (leaky gut) your T cells attack as see an invader but as look like the thyroid they also attack that too.

Stick to a more paleo diet and you will lose the weight and feel A LOT better I'm sure 😀

I avoid nightshades too (potato, tomato, aubergine) as these make my muscles ache and give me bone pain. Also only a little alcohol 😩

What's your Folate, feretin, b12 and Vit D levels?

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the gluten free diet confuses me and im looking for sources to break it down for me. the caffein is the easiest to not have. i dont know what a casein free diet is. i will be getting an allergen test and vitamin panel though. ii will investigate nightshades also.


Casein is in milk.

I listened to an expert talk about molecular mimmickry and his explanation as to why our thyroid gets attacked with Hashimotos was easy to understand.

Gluten, casein and the thyroid have very similar genetic make up and look almost the same. So when we eat gluten or casein and it gets into our bloodstream (from a leaky gut ) our T cells see an invader and are sent out to attack but as our thyroid looks the same that's why it gets attacked too.

When invaders are in our body and the immune system goes into attack that's when we get the inflammation too.

If you can't manage dairy free at least cut out the gluten and see how you feel for a month. I'm also sure you'll drop some weight.

Paleo diet is good.

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Hi sweetpea8617, glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.the thyroid peroxidase test they did in march was to measure your antibodies that together with t4 and tsh is how they diagnosed you with Graves, once that's established then they don't normally do another test for the antibodies, they will be looking at t4/ t3 and tsh from now on to see what they are doing, it's good they have tested your t3 as some endo's don't and only go by t4 and tsh alone. Your t4 and t3 are now back in range but have to watch they don't go too far the other way and make you hypo. Hopefully you will have a good endo who will know what they are doing. Have you had any of your vitamin levels checked yet as very important to thyroid health to be optimal not just in range. I shouldn't worry too much about your weight at the moment just make sure you eat healthy and concentrate on getting better, once you are optimally medicated and stable then you can look at weight but by then it might be back to normal, the less stress you have the better.


she put me on Vitamin D and 'im getting a vitamin panel soon i also miught get an allergen test also


Seems like there was a little bit of taking for granted, going on there. TPO antibodies are found in Graves, and Hashimoto's. But, because your TSH was low and FT4 high, they assumed it was Graves, and didn't do anymore testing.

However, it could have been Hashi's, and the TSH was low because you were in a Hashi's 'hyper' swing.

You don't say how long you were on the 'meth'. But, apart from the low TSH, you no-longer look hyper. Why haven't they done the same tests? Because they really don't have the first idea what they're doing! It should always be Free T4 and T3. The Total doesn't give you much useful information.

When you see the endo, ask him to do proper tests :




And, ask him to verify if you have Graves or Hashi's, by doing proper Graves testing.


i had read your post earlier and meant to reply... I went to the new endo today and she said that you were right about the tests and just scratched her head wondering y the previous Dr. didn't.. also shes leaning on me having Both but definitely said i have Hashshi's. I didn't know you could have both... She ordered those tests to be done every month and increased the meth to 30 instead of 20. i've been on the med for 1 1/2 months. thank you


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