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Can we take Naproxen?

My biggest symptom of having an underactive thyroid is myxodema. I swell up and go up at least about 6 dress sizes. Lately I have had T3 supply issues and having run out of my T3 for 3 weeks and waiting for a new batch I went up three dress sizes and have put on nearly a stone. I know its mucin. I went to the GP the other day as I have back ache and he prescribed me Naproxen. According to the leaflet it is not to be taken by people who suffer from fluid retention. I assume that's me? I mentioned to my GP I have an underactive thyroid when he prescribed them for me but he didn't seem to care. Should I take the Naproxen or go back and ask for a different prescription? I don't want to swell up any more than I am doing now. Thanks

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Have a word with your pharmacist. Pharmacist's are better at understanding drug interactions than GPs.


That's s great idea. Thank you. I'll do that x


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