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Can anyone help?

Hi everyone

I am hoping that someone anyone can offer me some help/advice!?

I went to my GP just before Christmas complaining of not loosing weight.

He did a Thyroid test for me TSH which has came back of a result of 1.1 is that normal?

I think it had came down slightly from before.

I have just got back from the Drs about some other test results and re queried the TSH.

She said that it was absolutely fine. And if there was any doubt I would have been tested T4 T3 etc.

I asked could I not pay privately to have them done (this is where she got a bit arsey) and said no it would be a waste of time.

I suffer with Fibroymalgia a lot of the symptoms of having an underactive thyroid are the same that I have so would be difficult to say if I have other symptoms.

Anyone got any ideas to help me? Or am I barking up the wrong tree



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Are you still taking the anti-depressants you were prescribed in your post of two years ago ? They can often affect weight.

How are your levels of B12 - Ferritin - Folate - iron - VitD ? If low in range they can often affect your metabolism and how you feel. We need to see the results with ranges to be able to help you. Low B12 can overlap Hypo symptoms.

Have you had your Thyroid Anti-bodies tested ? When I was diagnosed the FT4 and FT3 along with the TSH were in range but the anti-bodies were high. Fibromyalgia is often linked to LOW T3. I was diagnosed with Fibro back in 2000 - hashimotos in 2005. As my treatment improved and I read and learnt more the fibro eased.

You could also try going gluten free to see if it reduces inflammation. Many conditions are known to start with an unhealthy gut.

You can have private testing done through the main website of Thyroid UK - with a discount too :-)

Hope you soon feel stronger.....

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TSH 1.1 is bang on.

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TSH alone isn't sufficient and this is just for information:


This is a link which may be helpful:

You can also get private tests done from one of our recommended labs.

Also this link is informative:-

Blood tests for thyroid hormones should be taken as early as possible, fast (you can drink water). If taking thyroid hormones allow 24 hours between the last dose and the blood test and take afterwards.

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The nhs is almost certain to refuse testing tho, isn't it, with tsh1 .. you're looking at paying privately for a full thyroid panel .. around £90 I think.


Thank you for your posts.

Yes am still on antidepressants which I know make you put on weight but I can't seem to loose it.

I know my B12 was low and so was my calcium if that means anything.

The fact my TSH has gone down from the last test would that mean anything.

I know a few people who have gone through hoops of fire to finally get their Thyroid problem sorted out as their TSH was in normal range.

I suffered for 5 years until I got a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in which time I though I was going mad!


Low B12 can = Low mood. Low T3 and VitD3 can = Fibro.....

What exactly are you taking and which supplements ?

What are your actual B12 results with range ?


I think the waste of time, is seeing that doctor. I would do a complete thyroid panel thru blue horizons.. and thyroid antibodies. Do you have Hashi's?


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