Thyroid test results

Hello once again thyroid result today 23rd are as follows

Tsh 2.9miul/lL (0.27-4.2miu/l)

T4. 15.4pmol/L (12.1-21.3pmol/L.

Feeling drained winkled dry cracked hands.Angry still feel like killing somebody.Also not wanting to go out anywhere.feeling trapped.lost interest in my appearance,just giving up also in a lot of pain they call it fibro as said before.


Also had. A full blood test but don't understand it.

Any comments would be nice to receive many thanks for your time😜.

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  • Your TSH is rather high it should be near 1 while your FT4 is not high enough so you need a levo dose increase.

    In regards to the full blood test you will have to write the results out if you want someone to interpret them. If you have notepad or another text editor on your computer write the results out in that first, saving them as you go along then copy and paste them into a post. That way you can take your time doing it.

  • Hi and thanks for ur reply.I do have a tablet &siphone 7 but u lost me with text editor and copy& paste lol.I will put full blood test down if it takes me all day he,he.But thanks for ur advice.

  • Your FT4 should be in the top third of the range or even in the top quarter and yours doesn't reach halfway. Getting that higher by increasing your dose would be a good start. If after a while with a higher FT4 and you still have symptoms etc you may need to get a FT3 reading to find out the treason so may be put a little money on one side each month to pay for it if your doctor/lab won't do it.

    Also ask your doctor to test Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin as optimum levels in these with help your thyroid and your general health. Most of us end up having to supplement things as we are often low in essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Hi silverfox7,and once again thanks for ur help.

    I begged the doctor for a full thyroid panel test he told me yes and a full blood test.Well I got the basic thyroid test only they just don't want to know.They should be listening to what patience says.Any way I got the full blood test not that it matters I don't understand it.Bluebug suggested I copy&paste it and post it she as lost me there lol,I suppose I'll av to do my way the slow way lol.Looks like I will av to save to av it done privately its in my own interest silverfox7 I know.My doctors and I have asked them all to check b12,vitamin d,ferritin I'm just loosening the battle with them,they were you out and I haven't the fight or energy .😀

  • Hi Buma

    I agree with Silver Fox, get your TSH down more. I don't know your background medical history but also B12 D3 is so important. Supplement them! Have a couple of Brazil nuts daily too and eat fish oils. Cut out sugar, dairy and bread you'll feel better. As for the anger I really do understand it I have it myself and it's awful. It's the doctors they're so arrogant and ignorant about thyroid disease. They talk about being "in range" yeah right!!! I'd like to have some of them in range! Good luck It's a horrid road and so lonely and you have every right to be angry.

  • Thanks for ur reply I also agree they all want putting in range lol.I have being begging for a full thyroid Panle.This new doctor told me he would do it and full blood test. Yet more lies yet got full blood test not that it matters really disappointed with there I said to silverfox7 I haven't the energy or fight in me .But I will put some money aside to go private.

  • Trouble is it's often the lab that stop the right tests and I don't think many of the doctors haven't the knowledge to insist and accept what the labs tell them. It no coincidence that they will do it if an endo asks which suggests to me they know they are wrong not to do them but won't get away with it with senior staff in the same hospital.

  • I don't buy standard lab ranges. The AACE TSH range is 0.3-3.0 and you are soo close to the top; you need to get that TSH down, and FT4 up (assuming you do not get negative symptoms from dose increase). But if you get FT4 up and still don't feel better, that means you are nutrient-deficient and/or need to use T3. Since you can't do a blood test, and assuming your doctor is uncooperative about T3, you should consider procuring T3 off the web and self-treating. This isn't a big deal, after all, medicine is an experimental science. I am one of those people who takes 10mcg T3 along with 75mcg T4, and that T3 *does* make a huge difference.

    BTW since you mentioned fibro: read what the late John C. Lowe had to say about fibro and T3.

  • Hi Eddie83 I did ask the doc about antibody test he told me I didn't need one.My doctors are a joke they just don't listen to me I'm just worn out and no fight left.i will put money aside weekly and get the 11plus thyroid test done......but a big thank you to all who responded and let's pray for some relief.

  • Sorry to hear your doctors are stupid. Hashi's is the cause of about 90% of hypothyroidism, it causes symptoms beyond just the matter of being hypo, and many patients find that dietary/nutritional changes get rid of antibodies.

  • BTW I am assuming you have never had antibody tests to determine if you have Hashimoto's autoimmunity. This is something you need to know, although your doc may be uncooperative, since most of them maintain that nothing can be done about it. (Which is untrue.)

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