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Anal fissure treatment

I am currently under private doctor treatment for thyroid issues and autoimmune issues. I was on the final stages of repairing my gut and the lining after completing low oxalate- low lectin diet also gluten free. Now the issue I have had is I recently took nurofen ibuprofen and got some serious negetive affects. I have now got chronic anal fissure from this and also diharrea. Are there any natural treatments for this that can help me at home. I have had this issue in the past several times and got botox injections through nhs however this time it is really chronic and linked with diharrea which I have never had before. The nurofen ofcourse has had negative impact on the gut. If there is any natural way to help diharrea and anal fissure please let me know thanks. My next stage of treatment is dysbosis treament taking probiotics etc. Any feedback welcome thanks.


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Have you tried mineral water containing high levels of silica. This will bind together gut contents - click onto my name - then Posts and have a read of the link I posted a couple of days ago :-)

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