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Anal Fissures, Swelling and pain. Symptoms of Celiac disease??

Hi Everyone,

I've had 3 extremely painful days so far with an anal fissure that is bleeding and burning, and general inflammation and burning pain. THe pain seems to be disproportionate to the problem I have. I've had chronic anal fissures for years, and my rectum prolapsed with all the diarrhea, and constipation I've had. I've been taking 2,000mcg of Gabapentin a day and last night the pain was so off the scale I resorted to Oxynorm and Buccastem under my lip. I've had chronic diarrhea since 1999. Had the usual IBS diagnosis. I had a lull yesterday, day time, but after a homemade curry and naan it went off the scale again. It took over 6 hours to get on top of the pain. I didn't sleep until 5 am on the sofa, then it woke me again at 9.15am.

I know there is a link with Hypo, has anyone had the blood test? How accurate is it?


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Hi, sorry you are feeling so ill and in so much pain.

I am assuming that you are referring to Coeliac blood test? If so, for me it was very accurate and I can relate very well to your present symptoms. It would be well worth doing the simple biocard blood test as a first course of action because it is relatively cheap, with about 97% accuracy. Some people will always get a false negative.

I am assuming that your GP has not done either of the nhs antibody tests?


Thanks boo16,

I'm going to insist on a test. This has gone on far too long. I went to my last GP in a lot of pain and she didn't even take a look, just gave me a rectal creme with steroid in which seemed to burn my skin more.


Hi helen

I am sorry you are in pain, what a bad night for you. Do you think it is possible you could have an infection in your fissure. Perhaps when you see your new GP she will do a Coeliac test for you. I don't know how reliable the private tests for it are?

Hope you have a better night tonight

Betty xx


It's still going on Betty, everytime I go to the loo that cut opens again and it's excruciating. There may well be an infection because the tissues are so inflamed. I'm getting pain right into my buttocks and down my right leg. Be glad when this starts healing.I'm hoping the GP will sanction a blood test.


Hi helcaster,

what an awful time youare having :( Yes there is an increased risk of coeliac if you have autoimmune thyroid. With constant diarrhea since 1999 one would have thought a GP would have done a Coeliac test for you.....not sure if the GP blood test is as extensive as a consultant blood test.

Hope you get sorted soon, if you are able to get tested and the tests come back negative it may be worth cutting out gluten and possibly wheat for a while to see if you improve. That being said I meet a lady with coeliac a month or so back and for her it took 18 months for the diarrhea to stop from stopping gluten :(



Hi NaamiSue/Jackie,

Yes it's the pits really getting on top and feeling sorry for myself.

It was just left for years by the GP until my Urologist intervened. I saw a Gastro who was totally useless. He didn't even spot the diverticular problems I have. My Gynae had tried to deal with adhesions from a vaginal hysterectomy. My left ovary became stuck on my bowel and she managed to separate them. She noticed the diverticular disease and told me. He poo poo'd it (forgive the pun) Then when I had a barium enema it all showed up. He was such a d***k, he put my diarrhea down to "taking lots of antibiotics" which was a load of c***p I had pointed out to him that the bladder disease was an inflammatory one with no cure, absolutely no bacteria involved. On my last appt I wiped the floor with him for all the assumptions he had made. He carried out top and bottom endoscopy, he didn't give me enough sedation and it was just terrible. I just left the unit as soon as it was finished. THe next day loads of gas came out of my rear end with bright red blood which splattered the tiling on the bathroom wall. I had an emergency admission given morphine shots and 2 antibiotics intravenously. As you can tell I'm not looking forward to that procedure again.


Hi it is important to stay on your normal diet before a coeliac test as that is the only way to obtain a correct result. You do not say if you have seen a gastro, although in my view it is difficult to find one who is any good. It sounds as if you need a colonoscopy and perhaps a gastroscopy. they can then take biopsies on any funny patches etc. It may be an inflamitory bowel disease , also auto immune.i have fissures , it can be the end result of something like that, but yes could well have an infection, you need the GP to do a swab for that , to check and give antibiotics if needed.I also have sever pancretitis, never ( drunk ) that can cause these symptoms, especially diarrhea the test for that is a faecal Elastine a simple stool test.Treatment enzymes. Also diverticula disease can cause these problems. Check your night temp. when bad as can be quite relevant to this.. Remember doctors should only say it is IBS if they cannot find the cause it is simply a get out for not diagnosing!I hope this helps and things soon improve.




A colonoscopy revealed internal haemorroids, the pain can extend from front to back

below, so I get confused as to where it's actually coming from. Even causing bladder

pain (frequent bouts of agonising pain which cause me to stiffen, unable to move at

all untill the pain subsides. Urine tests never show any infection, bladder investigations

came up negative.) Re bowel pain, all I have been prescribed are Proctosedyl

suppositries, they're not quick acting and the pain can be excruciating. I can have

alternating constipation and looseness, also bloating and flatulence! My daughter

has a worse time with her stomach, I wonder if it's genetic?


Hi Wobblybee, I feel for you, the pain can refer to all sorts of odd places. My urethra hurts too, My bladder is always uncomfortable with IC, but now that seems to be joining in.

Have you had investigations for Interstitial Cystitis? THere's no bacteria but it hurts like hell. THe only investigation is a cytoscopy where the bladder wall can be examined.


Hello Wobblybee, having read your symptoms I would recommend getting a referel from your gp to see different Gastro consultant. I have Crohn's disease which gives the same symptoms that you are referring to. It could also be UC which is a clearable inflamatory disease aswell. Also if you have to have an endoscopy ask for it to be done under anaesthetic, after the first experience of having this done under sedation I refused to have it done this way again. Believe me I have had many over the years.

I don't know where you are but I under an excellent team in Oxford if you want details just ask.

Claire x


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