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I am experiencing extreme fatigue and it's starting to get me down. The dr has prescribed me antidepressants saying I am suffering from anxiety but not willing to listen to any other symptoms I am presenting with. I had gained 2st in weight, which I cannot lose, I struggle to put of bed in the mornings and I regularly have to have a power nap when I return home from work. In August 2016 I had a number of bloods test, my TSH and T4 came back within the normal range and my vitamin B12 was border line. This week I paid privately for thyroid test because my dr refused to test me for T3. My levels have come back - TSH 2.61 - T4 15.00 - T3 3.8 - I returned to the Drs to see if they would consider treating me for underactive thyroid and the answer was NO. Instead the dr has offered to send me to a cronic fatigue clinic, which I have since found out is for ME patients. I'm so frustrated! Has anybody had a similar experience? If so what was your outcome? I can considering booking an appointment with a private consultant to my diagnosis. Please help!

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  • If you look to the right under 'topics' you'll see 'can't get diagnosed' and read loads of stories like your own. A private consultant isn't likely to help until your tsh is a bit higher and/or other levels are under range and/or you have raised antibodies but if you have your bloods done early on an empty stomach you may get there sooner rather than later.

    There is also the issue of nutrients levels: ferritin, iron, folate, b12 and d. We're often low.

  • If you had these tests done privately, have you got the reference ranges? They are always essential in working out what might is okay and what isn't.

    If you have them could you edit your post and add the figures, please. To edit your post, look immediately below it and click on the v in a little square box, then click on Edit. Make your changes and then Post again.

  • I was diagnosed with FM, but don't have the symptoms since self-medicating. I have a pituitary tumour & most hypo symptoms, but the endos ignored my this & said all was normal.

    I skipped the private tests & consultants in favour of the Barnes basal body temperature test, with a cheap digital thermometer, whilst trying to up my nutrient intake. When I started NDT, I increased cautiously with a quarter grain every few weeks, in case I was wrong to do so. It took time to work, but eventually the fatigue & aches decreased. I added T3 last summer, & feel comfortable trusting how my body feels in response to the THs, than all the cr*p I was prescribed that didn't help.


  • Google - dr lam / adrenal gland syndrome / articles

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 9 years ago but CFS / IBS / Digestive disorders/ allergies still got worse and the Drs kept putting up my thryoixde till I got toxicamia..

    the Thyroid and adrenal gland and pituitary gland are all linked and must be considered together..

    I'm now on the road to recovery having been diagnosed outside the NHS with adrenal gland fatigue .

    see if the above Google research makes sense to you

  • If you want feel normal change to NDT. You have to import and self medicate but you get normal back.

  • I can't comment on the numbers without looking them up but I would suggest reading Dr Sarah Myhill's book on mitochondria. I've been "borderline" for years and self treating with Dr Ps help because my GP just wouldn't listen, but after reading this book saw so many lightbulb moments. I think thyroid and ME are very closely linked. I'm now being treated privately by a doc at Biolabs in London and can see definite improvements after a few months of diet changes and vitamin supplements (same principles as Dr Myhill). I know not everyone can do this but the book is easy to read and her website is constantly updated (it's not so easy to read as the book cause you've to jump from topic to topic).

  • Hello Lisa,

    I have struggled for years to have treatment for Hashimoto's even though I have test results showing antibodies. My doc wouldn't even be willing to look at these results even though they came from an big international hospital in Bangkok.

    I was diagnosed over 30 years ago with M.E. and two or three years ago I was sent to an M.E. clinic. I did benefit to some degree, from their coping techniques, though, of course, it didn't cure me, as you would imagine. It's worth it from that angle, because we do tend to talk ourselves down, and that was very valuable. You can't lose anything by going.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thank you for your comments everybody. Much appreciated x

  • I had already been diagnosed with under active thyroid I was on 75mg and was dead on my feet struggled to get up in the mornings I use to put my clothes on ,on top of my night clothes ,slept most of the day my TSH at the time was 4.9 and the top end of the range is 5 where I live but according to the dr I was within range I was still diagnosed with cfs last January I did mange to improve but symptoms are coming back now I'm on the lowest dose of Levothyroxine and I now know certain brands don't agree with me but I suppose you could say I'm in denial I have CFS I do believe in my case it's my thyroid good luck on your journey

  • I also did cfs clinic group it was nice to talk to other fatigued people but for me a lot of the relaxation techniques made me want to fall asleep lol and my main aim was to stay awake but I do always thinks worth to give these things ago 🙂

  • there little doubt from those results that your thyroid is failing to produce enough t4 and because hypothyroid trashes ferritin or folate or b12 or vitd3 your body cannot convert the t4 into the t3 that every cell in your body needs to function

    your T3 level is very low

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