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Help with results for my daughter

My daughter having alot of problems lately.just had bloodtest results

Tsh 1.19 (0.27-4.20)

Ft4 13.1 (11.00- 22.00)

Doc says normal but daughter has lots of symptoms:

Palpitations,panic attacks, brain fog, nightmares, mood swings, lack of confidence, weight gain, IBS which she's had for a couple of years pins and needles in hands , breathless, tight feeling in chest and many more too numerous to mention , doc has given her clonidine to help with palpitations and she getting B12, ferritin checked next week. Any advice would be appreciated

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Results are euthyroid (normal) although FT4 is low in range. Make sure folate is tested at the same time as B12.


Thanks clutter I think they are checking folate as well, gp seems eager to help find out what is wrong.


Raventhorpe Why not get her to have a Blue Horizon test done? She really needs FT3 and antibodies tested as well to get a full picture. Vit D test wouldn't go amiss either and GP probably won't do that.


Did ask her if gp is testing vit D but she wasn't sure, he is testing lots of things she had a well woman check and all came back in good except cholesterol is a bit high, told her that often happens when you have thyroid problems, but test is normal thou t4 is a bit low in range, I will try and get her to do private bloodtest as I still suspect there is something not right with thyroid somewhere, but it's taking me a month of nagging her to get her to ask for bloodtest in first place. I think she putting a lot of symptoms down to menopause as she is at that age.


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