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Help for Daughter

Hi all havent been on here for ages i wrote about my daughter she is 24 some time ago i have hashimotos and think my daughter is the same her hair is falling out, she is cold has fatigue bad mood swings hurts all over constant sinus infections tsh is normal so they say but has had two positive blood results for ana which no one told us about only found out about them last week when went to see endo who was totally useless and i told her so as she wanted to discharge my daughter i was in the room with this stupid uncoperative docter who couldnt have cared less for half an hour arguing my point im so worried about her it took me years to be diagnosed. anyone any ideas

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I would ask what she thinks is causing the antibodies and you want investigations done to determine the cause or a reasonable explanation as to why not if she refuses (I very much doubt she will be able to give one)

And as always to get the range and actual numbers of the TSH blood test

Sorry that you have another fight on your hands, we can only keep hitting the ball back in there court



Antinuclear Antibodies (ANA) ;

The immune system makes an abundance of proteins called antibodies. Antibodies are made by white blood cells and they recognize and combat infectious organisms in the body. Sometimes these antibodies make a mistake, identifying normal, naturally-occurring proteins in our bodies as being "foreign" and dangerous. The antibodies that target “normal” proteins within the nucleus of a cell are called antinuclear antibodies (ANA). ANAs could signal the body to begin attacking itself which can lead to autoimmune diseases, including lupus, scleroderma, Sjögren's syndrome, polymyositis/ dermatomyositis, mixed connective tissue disease, drug-induced lupus, and autoimmune hepatitis. A positive ANA can also be seen in juvenile arthritis.


Also did they do her thyroid antibodies as these should be done considering the positive ANA test

FF xx


Hi flatfeet1 thanks for replying i did quickly see 0.97 on tsh test but couldnt see what ratio is was as it was on a computer screen i have e-mailed lupus centre in London and asked their advice as that was how i eventually got my diagnoses. I am so mad that these tests were positive and nothing was said and it was last year June and August the fight again for my daughter xx


It would make me mad too, I would definitely chase them to get to the bottom of the positive ANA test and also get thyroid antibodies tested. If its Hashimotos I dont know if TSH comes into it or not. Perhaps someone will step in here and put me right. Hope you get some where. xx


thankyou will let you know x


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