My daughter needs help !!

My daughter has been feeling really unwell for the last 12 months, she is extremely lethargic, losing clumps of hair, weight gain despite having a reasonably healthy diet and headaches. She has also been diagnosed as having a stomach ulcer after taking anti inflammatories, could anyone tell me if her symptoms could be thyroid related, she has got an appt with GP on Monday but would be good to have an idea.

Thanks in advance regards Sheryl

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  • What were the anti-inflammatories for and what type were they?

    I would suspect iron deficiency anaemia and/or low vitamin B12 first. Thyroid would be next on the list.

  • Yes, I would request full thyroid panel including thyroid antibodies, cortisol, ferritin and vitamin D. Low ferritin causes hair fall. I've read on here that you need a ferritin level of 70 for new hair growth.

  • Nsaids were for grade 3 sprain, thanks for your advice Sheryl

  • Hi there Sheryl is she going to the toilet normally if not get her to the hospital for a CT scan to make sure she hasn't got a blocked lower abdemon because i had that over the christmas holidays and was rushed into hospital. let me know if this has helped take care Alan

  • No she has a regular toilet habit, thanks for your input Sheryl

  • hi Sheryl your most welcome hope you find out what's wrong take care Alan

  • You need to insist on

    Thyroid antibodies


    Free t4

    Free t3




    Vit d3

    With those plus a full blood panel any good GP should order it should be easy to rule in or out hypothyroid

    Certainly her symptoms sound hypothyroid but if she has been on painkillers and developed an ulcer that too could be a cause

  • I agree

  • Why did they give your daughter anti-inflammatories? Was she having widespread pain? Did her doctor not refer her to a specialist?

    Follow the advice of the other members, a blood test for a Full Thyroid Function Test (labs may not do it if her TSH is in range). Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate should be tested too.

    The appointment for the thyroid blood test should be at the very earliest and fast. She can drink water. If she is diagnosed as hypo you leave 24 hours between last dose and blood test.

    I would ask to be referred to a gastoenterologist to look at her stomach.

  • She was given the anti inflammatories after sustaining grade three sprain, thanks for your advice Sheryl

  • something like fish oil and turmeric with pepper for better absorption good for inflammation.....

  • She was given NSAIDs for a grade 3 sprain, she has seen endocrinology as her oestrogen level was really low after being on contraceptive injection, they did bloods but not heard from them since July, when we rang for an appt we were told his clinic is running a few months behind, Gastro didn't even examine her properly, no offer of endoscopy, she left after he basically told her she was an overweight ' drug addict ' he didn't even care about her symptoms regarding NSAIDs he basically laughed in her face, not helpful when you feel so unwell.

    Thanks for your support


  • You have to ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test so that you can exclude a dysfunction of her thyroid gland. I myself know that many doctors don't think of doing one, or just ask for a basic TSH and T4 which may not show up a problem. . A full thyroid function test consists of TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3, and ask for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too.

    I don't know if you can afford a private one but, if so, this is a link and if you put Thyroiduk's code you get a small discount. If you can exclude thyroid gland dysfunction you can then explore different avenues. T3 the active thyroid hormone is required in the billions of receptor cells in our body particularly brain. It drives our whole metabolism.

    The blood test should be the earliest possible and fast. If on thyroid meds 24 hours should elapse from the last dose to the test and take afterwards.

  • Your poor daughter, she's really been through it, hasn't she?

    Link to the post you made in another forum here to save you writing it all again....

    It does make you wonder if anyone checked her thyroid function, B12, did a coeliac screen, etc.

    First step - get her to find out what was tested and get hold of her blood test results. She's entitled to have them. Some surgeries will make a small charge, but if they do it sounds like it would be well worth it.

    When she has them , post them up here for comment.

  • I hope someone checked her ferritin serum........that will cause hair loss and if she had a ulcer and is having a cycle too....extreme fatigue...etc

  • nasaids bad for the stomach and gut. a probiotic before bed good to get her stomach back and if she doesn't get a lot of sunlight, then vit d probably low and does she eat a lot of vegatables, does she eat enough protein, and I certainly agree she needs labs done to test for the above like the smart ladies above suggested

  • She doesn't eat veg and not a lot of protein well worth looking in to

    Thanks for info. Sheryl

  • "Contraception injection " they are lethal and well known for triggering hypothyroid

  • Thanks for the info handy to know that.

    Regards. Sheryl

  • bleeding ulcer and not eating protein and hair loss points to iron mom used to pull down my lower eye lid and look inside and if it was not red and pale, she would say, you need more ironically that is a sign.....protein is where you get iron and certain cereals and vegetables and you need iron or oxygen to body and if it gets too make sure you tell dr about bad eating often she is in sunlight or I not, bec you also get b12 from food....and maybe he will test all 3 and get to the bottom of it fast.....same thing happened to my son from bad eating habits......and a mom made my sons tsh go up but his free t3 ad fre t4 was great so when he got his diet and supplements in line, his thyroid tsh returned to normal.....he was never on meds but one PA assumed it was thyroid and I knew better as a mom...bec I have thyroid and another dr caught all the deficiencies.....

  • Also ask for celiac test. Wheat intolerance can cause these symptoms.

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