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Hi I've been taking henning lactose free Thyroxine for sometime and was doing OK, then suddenly I was told they have been discontinued. I was then given the Teva brand ones. I've been on them a few weeks and I feel do tired, look rough, spaced out, short of breath, anxious, my hair is limp. I wish I could get them back. I can get liquid but it makes me gag. Does anyone know where I could get henning tablets from? " or a lactose free alternative? Have they really been discontinued or is it just what they are saying at the chemist? I feel at a loss

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  • Foxonthetrot1,

    Teva is lactose free but if it doesn't suit you can check with Henning yourself. Contact details are in the link below.


  • There are lies, damned lies, and what you get told by medics, pharmacists and others!

    Sanofi (who own Henning) have a website which says lots about the available products:


    (You can try this English translation but no idea if it will work:

    translate.google.co.uk/tran... )

  • foxonthetrot1 You can also send questions on that link - scroll down to the bottom and you'll find a box.

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