Do you think I have a Thyroid issue?

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to the forum but wondered if anyone could help me as this problem is driving me nuts!! I've put my History in bullet points so it isn't such a boring read : )

* Suffered with Seasonal Affective Disorder at 17 years of age.

* Started Periods at the age of 16 (always had PMT symptoms)

* Miscarrage at 28

* Cesarean section to a Healthy Baby Girl at the age of 30

* Had Fibrocystic Breast lump removed at the age of 32

* Normal Birth to a Healthy Baby Boy (had postnatal depression with both births) at the age of 33.

* At the age of 56 diagnosed with Uterus Fibroids

* At the age of 58 Diagnosed with Estrogen and HER2 Positive stage lll Breast Cancer

The reason I have supplied some of my Hormone related History is because to me it is important to see whats been going on through the years Hormonal wise!

I visited my Doctor twice last year (2016) but now my symptoms seem to be getting worse. I've checked the Symptom list here on this link and I have a majority of the symptoms such as Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, Brain Fog, Weepyness, Depression, Dry swollen throat, Sinus problems, Headaches, Panic attacks, Joint Pain and it doesn't matter how much I eat I Can't put any weight on. (I'm so exhausted : ( )

(I'm 5ft4" and weigh 7st 12) the list goes on. Back in April 2016 I gave the list to my Doctor and asked if I could have a Thyroid test, she only did the main TSH which came back as Serum TSH level (XaELV) = 1.09 mU/L [0.35 - 4.94] In July 2016 I asked for the T3 and T4 test ... that came back as Serum Free triiodothyronine level 3.5 pmol/L Serum free T4 level = 15 pmol/L [9.0 - 20.0] Serum TSH level = 0.94 mU/L [0.35 - 4.94] and the last one is TPO Antibodies = 6.3 IU/ml [<50.0] When I told my Doctor once again about my symptoms ... she said if your results hadn't have come back within range I would have said you have a thyroid issue, and then suggested I take Sertraline, (anti-depressant) to which I firmly said No Thank You! Can anyone please give me any insight to my symptoms ... also if my result range is Normal or low? Many Thanks : ) xx

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  • Welcome to the forum, Davina2728.

    Do you have the lab ref range for FT3 3.5 and do you have any results for ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate?

  • Hi Clutter, Thank you for the reply : ) No she didn't ask for those tests to be done! I saw my oncologist a few days ago because my feet get quite painful as they tingle all the time so she had my bloods checked for folate, B12 etc I had a call to say they were fine, and there sending my results to me. (I started to take B12 and vitamin D about 8 months ago as I thought these might help) At the moment I need some guidance as I don't really know a lot about the thyroid gland, I did see a small piece referring to Estrogen having a negative impact on the Thyroid gland? Oh I forgot to mention I take Arimidex for the excess Estrogen.

    Once again Clutter many thanks for your help.

  • Hi Clutter, sorry the reference range for the FT3 = 3.5 is (2.4 - 5.7) Thank you : )

  • Davina2728,

    Oestrogen dominance can cause adverse thyroid results but your TSH, FT4 and FT3 are euthyroid (normal) so I very much doubt your symptoms are anything to do with thyroid.

    Post the B12 and folate results when you get them. Low B12 can cause tingling.

  • Will do Clutter, thanks for all your help : )

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