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My sons blood test results

My sons blood test results

Can anyone help me with reading this test result theses were done for my son in 2012 I'm now waiting for a recent test to come back I have underactive thyroid and when I saw Dr p a few years back he said my son also has it as its in both sides of my family also my sons optician said he can see he has a thyroid problem do the blood test show this ? As it took years to diagnose me my son is 15 he's memory is not good and he's eyes are very dark underneath

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his TSH is low as is his free t4

this would indicate Central Hypothyroid which may not be recognised by many GPs

or even endos

have thyroid antibodies been done




vit d3


they are all interrelated


No they haven't I will post new blood results when back as these were 2012 I will also arrange to have other tests done


Thank u


Ok should av been antibodies as that's what I asked for ! Very frustrating also he's eyes are black underneath do u think this is linked il get tests done thank u


Shazzy, TSH is low and FT4 is low in range which might indicate central hypothyroidism. Post the new test results in a new question and we will advise.


B12 deficiency is often found alongside hypothyroidism. for more info. Another really well researched site for many health difficulties is: Some anti depressants contain substances that adversely effect thyroid health. Maybe try to cut out sugar and grains (especially gluten) as much as possible and see if that makes a difference. Approx 70% of immune system is based in gut and there is a strong and proven gut/brain link affecting mental health and cognition - if blood tests indicate inflammation then it might be worth getting checked for gut health as absorbtion difficulties can greatly effect energy levels. Good luck :-)


"The idea is to measure blood levels of T4 and TSH. In the typical person with an under-active thyroid gland, the blood level of T4 (the main thyroid hormone) will be low, while the TSH level will be high. This means that the thyroid is not making enough hormone and the pituitary recognizes it and is responding appropriately by making more Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in an attempt to force more hormone production out of the thyroid. In the more rare case of hypothyroidism due to pituitary failure, the thyroid hormone T4 will be low, but the TSH level will also be low. The thyroid is behaving "appropriately" under these conditions because it can only make hormone in response to TSH signals from the pituitary. Since the pituitary is not making enough TSH, then the thyroid will never make enough T4. The real question in this situation is what is wrong with the pituitary? But in the typical and most common form of hypothyroidism, the main thyroid hormone T4 is low, and the TSH level is high. "

When I was diagnosed my T3 and T4 levels were at the very bottom of the range and my TSH was 6 something.

After I started taking thyroid hormone my TSH went down to 2 something, although my T3 and T4 increased only a little bit. I felt a bit better but still a zombie most days. I'm now with a new doctor who doubled then tripled my dose, so we'll see how it goes from there.

His T4 is at the lower end of the range (though not rock bottom). His TSH is also low. According to conventional medicine, if he is hypothyroid, then it would be due to the rare form pituitary failure. However my current, unconventional doctor doesn't believe that we know enough about the body and the thyroid to really say what causes hypothyroidism.

Get his T3 tested if you can. T3 and T4 work together. You can't fully understand his results without a T3 reading.

As a last note, please get his Vitamin D tested. Vitamin D deficiency is really very common in the UK (indoor lifestyle plus overcast days plus winter). "They" recommend 30 minutes a day in noonday sun, but what "they" don't tell you is that is only enough IF you live in a sunny area near the equator AND if you were getting full body sun exposure (e.g. running around naked!). Your son will need to spend a lot more time outside and/or supplement with high doses of vitamin D3.

With the symptoms you're describing your son is probably vitamin D deficient or at the low end of the range. Most of us feel better when we are the very top of the vitamin D range. Vitamin D helps the thyroid too! :)


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