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New results off treatment

I got my results: 3 weeks off treatment

Tsh 23 T4 13.5 so I'm assuming that as I expected I do need thyroxine and this is not thyroid resistance or a TSH Oma???

I was on 75mcg restated today back on 50 then after a week or so will go back to where I was at 75mcg.... very annoying and took 2 steps forward and endo set me back

I don't feel good on thyroxine but I defo feel worse without it... I feel like I'm making no progress I've gone private and NHS

If it wasn't for advice here I'd have lost my mind

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Yes, you definitely need thyroid hormone replacement. Once your TSH is somewhere in the 0.5 to 1.5 range, you should consider getting a full set of thyroid results (TSH, FT3 and FT4) and posting them here. Also Iron, Ferritin, Vitamin D, B12 and Folate. Post the results with their ranges and people will suggest whether there is anything you can do to make yourself feel better. When all your results are in a healthy state (not just within the normal range) you should start to feel reasonably well.


Yes takes time to get up to the dose that is right for you but getting vitamins etc checked helps your thyroid so much so post those results and ranges when you get them as well.


What makes u think its not a tshoma or thyroid resistance?..

Im in the same boat ad u i cannot increase to 100mcg but feel hypo on 75, i was ok for 8 years on 100, something changed...

When i stopped levo for 12 day my tsh went over 100!! And was unreadable...

Also i have the unusual problem of when i increase to 100 my ft4 goes over range but tsh is still highish at around 8..

What is yout ft4 at when tsh is at around 8?

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Hi I thought that as Tsh raised and t4 dropped it was a typical picture of hypothyroidism?? If a typical picture exaists!! My T4 goes up to between 17 and 20 on thyroxine 75mcg but if I take more I feel rough!! I'm restarted thyroxine 2 days ago so early days but making no real progress. I'm going to ask endo to try T3 not that I understand it all but many seem better with a combination. I'm back next month so will see what she says.....

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Just looked over your posts!! Brain fog is probably the worst issue for me followed by tachycardia and anxiety!! I said to the endo the anxiety pours in and out and it does not relate to anxiety disorder! I've had that years ago and know the difference..... wish you well

I will post what endo recommends in next visit early April

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When your ft4 goes to 17-20 is your tsh still highish??

If so then you in the same boat as me, have u managed to get your ft3 tested?

My ft3 is mid range...

Well i have never suffered with anxiety or depression until my tsh went up..

When im in a higher dose i get a detached feeling which is the worst feeling.. my brain at the minute on 75 feels like mush im forgetful, i get overwhelming sadness feelings then feel normal again its hell!..

And was on levo for 9 years with no problem, something in my endocrine system has changed...

I have tried absolutely everything, i have got all my vitamins high i eat half a pound of lambs liver a week! Which shows in my hair as my hair is thicker and i have new hairgrowth!!

Iv tried increasing levo by tiny bits at a time to try and get my tsh to drop and correlate to my ft4 , iv been seeing an endo for a year and a half iv seen 2 of them (the first one left the hospital) and all they have done is put my dose up and down so i asked my gp for a second opinion so he has refered me to another endo at a different hospital, so im hoping this one is better and knows what is happening! its last chance saloon for me...

Yes keep us posted i will do the same


Yes when t4 is 17-20 Tsh is between 7.5 and 8 and I can't tolerate any increase and don't feel great. I relate to so many of your symptoms, brain fog is the most debilitating. Builds up during the day and settles as I unwind in the evening.

I often don't know how I've made it through the day when it's bad.

The only things that helps is laying down quietly but that's not often practical.

Heavy overhead lights and staring at the computer makes it worse... I am not the person I was before diagnosis at all.

I hope T3 helps you I hope to try it....

Will keep u posted


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