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Unusual Thyroid test results, any ideas please?


My 12yo daughter had her Thyroid tested as I'm hypo and she has been getting anxiety, constipation, tiredness, aching, cold hands etc. The lab have asked for the tests to be repeated in a months time and states 'Unusual set of thyroid results' on my print out of her results. Can anyone shed any light on what the results mean please?

TSH 2.3 0.27 - 4.20

FT4 10.9 12.00 - 22.00

FT3 8.1 3.10 - 6.80

She isn't taking any medication. The TSH is normal, the FT4 is lower than range but the FT3 is higher than range.

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Firstly, are these the proper paediatric ranges for the lab that did the tests? By 12 years the ranges are getting closer to adult ranges but still the right ranges need to be used!

Low-ish FT4 and high-ish FT3 are commonly seen in adults as they start down the slope towards hypothyroidism. It appears as if the rise in FT3 is an attempt by the body to compensate for the low FT4 (but that is not a scientific argument - just a human-centric interpretation).

(By "commonly" I mean, it has been seen posted here and reported elsewhere a number of times. I agree with the lab that the results are "unusual".)

However, if you only had the TSH and FT4 results, it would be obvious to suggest the possibility of hypopituitary. Despite the FT3 being high, I don't think it can be ruled out.

I'd very much hope that both Thyroglobulin antibodies and Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies will be tested no later than next month.


Thanks for the reply I will make sure they test for antibodies in the next blood test.

I have just checked the ranges from my Thyroid blood tests and they are the same so they have judged her on the adult ranges.

What tests need to be done for hypopituitary please?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Heather-Bristol

Please remember, I am only a simple thyroid patient. I do not know much about hypopituitarism - so all I can really do is give you some links:




Be reassured that if this is a part of the jigsaw - it is likely at the mildest level. Some of the information in the links is quite heavy but that will be in the most serious cases.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Heather-Bristol

One example of paediatric ranges is this:


This is purely for illustration - you obviously need the ranges for her lab.

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I really don't know how we can repeatedly claim that TSH is a useless, meaningless test and then insist that TSH must be at a particular value!

I have never had a TSH test return a value below 1. I am as sure as I can be that I am not under-medicated.

I thought the TSH would only be lower if she was taking medication?

She has had some other tests done, her Vit D is very low so docs calling us back in friday to probably prescribe supplements.

Other results are

Vit D 36 (under 50 is considered deficient )

serum ferritin 19 ( 16 - 445) says normal no action

serum folate >20 (4.40 - 20) says just out of normal range no action

Her B12 was over range but that probably because she had been taking my B12 supplements occasionally.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Heather-Bristol

I highly recommend the booklet linked from this post:


B12 being high after supplementation is no surprise. It is possibly better to get an Active B12 test - and make sure you are in contact with the lab before so that they can advise on appropriate procedure. Ideas still seem to be changeable as to how long someone needs to stop supplementing before a blood draw.

You should look to get tested (probably both of you) for the MTHFR mutation which can return high B12 and or folate levels because they are not being utilised and accumulate in the blood - and her ferritin is in range but really far too low for a healthy youngster.

I had similar results. Mine were done from a naturopath though.

I have adrenal fatigue and low t4 and high normal ft3. I am taking a glandular, kelp and t convert. Best to see a naturopath or someone. Docs didnt help me.

The results are odd, did the doctor not suggest any follow up. With those sorts of results I would ask to see an endocrinologist as there could be any number of reasons and standard thyroid tests won't show the full picture. Is your daughter on any other medications that may be affecting the results or does she have any other health problems?

The labs have asked her to be retested in a month, she takes no medications at all, just some kids vitamins sometimes, and had had some of my B12 vitamins but had not taken them for over a month before the test.

She doesnt eat meat but does eat fish. No other health problems that I know of.

She is alot like me and seems to be going down the same path as me but i wasnt diagnosed with Hypothyroidism until i was 36, so 4 years ago.

I suffered very bad anxiety from about 14yo till about 22 and still get it on and off now, her anxiety started out the blue in October last year. With the other symptoms, constipation, cold hands, dizziness, stomach pain, difficulty getting to sleep, not want to get up in the mornings, aches and pains feeling sick alot I wanted to get her tested, I always thought my anxiety was due to something medical but back then they just didnt test stuff. Her FT3 is high and i think that may be the cause of the anxiety???

I am determined not to let her suffer like I did growing up !

Well, that sounds something like an adrenal problem. You could ask them to test her cortisol. That iron is very low, she ought to be supplementing that, I should think.

She has no other health problems that i know of and doesnt take any medication. She is being retested on the 5th March, i will update with those results when i have them, thanks everyone for the input. x

Her Thyroid results came back unusual again with under range T4 and overrange T3 her Tsh had dropped to 1.7 so well within range. Her Liver function test also came back abnormal, with her Phosphate High. GP doesnt have a clue so referred. Have an appointment on the 12th June at BRHC.

Oh and Antibodies peroxidase ab came back as 37 iu/ml <100iU/ml ???

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