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Teva New Formulation

Hi folks

I've read a few posts on here about fellow sufferers yellow carding this...before i do the same i just wanted to find out if any of you are experiencing the following with it?

Red sore eyes


Feeling like you have been given a placebo

Generally feeling out of kilter, tired all day, yawning all the time, very very fatigued

Thanks in advance. By the way...ive been taking it a month now, the first week i didnt really notice a change but the last couple of weeks ive been feeling pretty rubbish and my eyes feel like ive been on the razz all night and not slept for days which is how i feel when i wake up in the mornings at the moment even though i'm pretty sure i slept quite well.

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Further to this, ive rang my pharmacy and they have kindly agreed to change over to Mercury Pharma for me and put a note on my record to say no Teva. Kind folk that they are.


That's good news. I've not seen anyone report red eyes, but headache and feeling unwell are typical symptoms.


I am about to yellow card teva after what it just did to my joints. It also gave me a raging case of dry eye which might be the cause of IC1973's redness. I could not tolerate my contact lenses for even an hour despite using artificial tears. A week after stopping it the lenses were back in and joints much improved.

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I've had the dry eyes too despite using prescribed lubricating drops which previously worked.

If you changed to TEVA ask GP to reisdue and mark no TEVA on prescriptions and also your pharmacy. My eyes were already drier than normal before the 😡TEVA😡 fiasco my Optician recognised it as a common undermedication symptom. Now I am optimally medicated with good nutrient levels I am back to being able to sleep in my extended wear lenses so it is fixable if it is a hypo symptom🎉pity getting long sighted too isnt 😭

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Mercury pharm is now part of Concordia. If you look at your patient information leaflet you can find out if the drug was made in the UK.

Under European law the tablet description its colour and shape are required in the information leaflet. Under US regulations, generic drugs don't have to have a description of the tablet or where it was made.

Most US generics are imported from Europe or from India. Most are from India and are meant to be of a higher quality. If the drug has affected your eyes it might help you to find out online. if the patient information leaflet has a description of the tablet and it's shape. If you still have the original

leaflet you had then this might tell you where the drug was manufactured.

Many generic drugs might come from France, but be made somewhere in the EU or the countries in the European Council. Concordia is an international company with its main company in Ontario. Many are repackaged and marketed under the same company name.

All UK levothyroxine is currently manufactured in the UK according to the Patient Information Leaflets. Most of these are available here:

(But not Teva - they are available on Teva UK's own site.)

I do not know the USA regulations/law, but you will find all approved medicines here:

On every levothyroxine product I have looked at (most of them), the details go beyond those in the UK including size, and often (always?) photographs. There is also a list of the locations of operation of the manufacturer.


They are only a little red but sort of glassy!! Thanks for replying.

No i havent as i think it is related to the TEVA and will hopefully go away soon, if it doesnt then i will go to the optician. I have reported already to MHRA but thanks for the suggestion though.

please see my comment just made which supports your belief.

Need references for claims like this. American law is different to U.K.

Hidden could you please send me this link also. Who could we sue? Might it be NHS England for giving us this type of medication? Might we need to take out a Class Action?


Links are posted every day - here in Thyroid UK and across the platform. I have no idea where you got the idea links are not allowed. Why, HU even have a fancy mechanism for shortening the links and emphasising them in cyan.

The link that you sent me, for as many hits as I saw, was entirely about the United States of America. As I am no expert, and absolutely ignorant about the law, perhaps it is also true here in the UK, or maybe it isn't?

oh yes, i am angry enough - 3 months of hell - after trusting the medicine maker... I have had the urge to slap someone - I just dont know who :(

The link you sent is EXACTLY the one I put in my response.

If I post something, it is up to me to provide links or evidence.

If you post something, ...

I cannot be expected to provide links/evidence for everything other people post, can I?

We adminstrators are purely volunteers who try to keep the forum working as well as we can.


There was no 'mystery' about posting links. Thyroid UK Support has posting guidelines that include info about posting links. Specifically guideline numbers 13, 14, 16, 24 and 27 for example. It really would be a good idea for you to read through and familiarise yourself with all the posting guidelines. They are here

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You yourself have posted links before now, as on this thread:

I wasnt looking to sue anyone, just asking if anyone else was having any problems but thanks for the info.

@Ic1973 I had floaters in my eyes with Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine, plus skin eruptions that felt as though they were burning. I stopped MP Levo in June 2013, but side effects are still continuing apart from any more floaters. Perhaps get your eyes checked by an Orthoptist.

I am afraid I think you are out of order with that sort of claim.

Bear in mind, I explicitly stated: Need references for claims like this. American law is different to U.K.

You just blithely respond with a USA focussed link.

If you wish to refer to the USA, say so. If you wish to refer to thyroid treatment in Kiribati, fine, but say so. This is Thyroid UK and whilst we have members from around the world, the default location and focus is the UK.


After 6 weeks of taking it I felt really unwell, all my hypo symptoms returned. I changed back to Actavis and within a couple weeks I felt much better. How strange! I reported it also. Would love to know what is going on with the Teva medication?!

My symptoms were headache, body aches, nausea, fatigue, unable to concentrate mainly.

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I've recently been given teva and in 2 weeks my symptoms have all returned. I have got up this morning and I feel like I have a hangover even though I don't drink. I wasn't feeling this bad with mercury pharma or activas. Why do they keep swapping brands is what I don't get especially when there have been many complaints about teva.

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I too have just associated the following problems with the new TEVA formulation:

Very red, sore, bloodshot eyes


hangover feeling

anxiety (possibly)

I recently had a review with my eye consultant regarding ocular hypertension. I had associated my red, sore, bloodshot eyes with this condition, however the consultant told me he thought it may be some sort of allergic reaction. He asked about asthma, pets, etc and only then did I start thinking about the Teva brand of levothyroxine which I have been taking now for a few months. I can't remember exactly when the brand change occurred however it would certainly link in around the time when I started to notice eye and headache problems.

The problem for me is, as I didn't have any issues in the past, I cannot remember the brand names of the levothyroxine that did not cause me any issues.

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Hi I had problems for the first 6 weeks mainly bowel problems and I was definitely hypo . I now feel much better so perhaps you need to give it a couple more weeks 👍

I've yellow carded this last week after a light bulb went off! I've been on Teva since around February, previously on Activis. I never even thought about a change of manufacturer would have such an enormous effect. Symptoms were gradual, but included increased pain of my frozen shoulder, severe joint aches, all hyperthyroid symptoms back and gained 10lbs. I'm back on Activis now for past 3 days and already joints feeling better. Had full fasting blood test on Wednesday last week as have been looking into hypoT in more depth because of symptoms. Read 'the paleo thyroid solution' by Elle Russ and have been in touch with her by email. I'm already primal - found last year that this helped immeasurably. I realise that NDT or other might be the way to go if synthetics don't cut it. Nice to be taking charge of my own health at last! X would recommend reading the book and definitely going Primal for a start x


I had exactly the same, within 2 weeks of being switched to Teva all my symptoms returned, I also felt like I had a constant hangover, my dr said sometimes this happens when you change brand and agreed to switch back, however the dispensary cannot get hold of any other brands now, they keep requesting and ordering others saying no Teva and that is all they can't get hold of, so frustrating!

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My levo was dispensed through my doctors surgery, I went to Boots and they have Activis but on in 50mcg. I'm going back to docs this morning - asking for 50mcg only and will break them to make a rough 75mcg a day! Longer term going to look at NDT I think!

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Provided you can get sufficient time ahead, you could try one of the many internet pharmacies:

(Only Wockhardt, Teva and Mercury Pharma are available in 25 micrograms tablets. Actavis/Almus is, as you found, 50 and 100 microgram tablets only.)

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