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Addenbrookes new ranges, I am now above the top of range

I need some advice if anyone can help , years ago I was told after a 24hrs urine test that I do not converts T4 to T3 very well. My results 2 wks ago were Free T4 23.4 picomoles( New range 11 to 19.8) Free T3 4.7 (New range 3.5 to 6.5.) They want to reduce my Levo I am on 150 mg. I feel this would make my Hypo symptoms already bad even worse , also make my Cholesterol now at 7 worse. They also want me to take Statins. I am not showing any signs of Hyper. My Bp is steady at around 128/74 pulse of 66 ( I am afraid youth flushed for me sometime ago) My heart and bones are fine.

Can anyone tell me what my results show am I low on the T3 scale would T3 help if they would let me have it.

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If you're still symptomatic because you're not converting well then t3 should be just the thing. It seems you have to take too much t4 to get your t3 up to even this measly level.

A trial of t3 seems very reasonable and should do you good. The fact that your pulse is still lowish, cholesterol rising and t4 level over range says that all that levo isn't really helping much as it's just backing up.

You could reduce levo by 50mcg and add 10mcg t3 and see how you feel.

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Thank you than was a really helpful answer the dose levels of t4 and t3 are particularly useful. They probably won't listen but it gives me more confidence knowing that I am right about what is happening.


Yes, a bit of knowledge can be very empowering. :-)

That is the usual rotocol for t4 -> t3, reduce levo by 50 for every 10 t3 added. It isn't an exact science, you should also go by symptoms and test results, and of course if your t3 level is already low you may have more wiggle room. Your t4 levels will reduce as will tsh, docs may freak out because the tsh goes below the level they're hay with but if you feel better and t3 is still within range that is more important.

If you get no joy w docs you may choose to self-treat. Good luck, keep us updated.


Don't take statins. Higher cholesterol is due to hypothyroidism and should reduce as when your dose is optimum.

These doctors who willy/nilly adjust hormones according to the blood tests and not the patients' symptoms we can do without them. They will make us more unwell.

We have to read and learn and several new research teams have found that T4/T3 is a better combination for many on levothyroxine alone.

T4 is inactive and is a pro-hormone and has to convert to T3. We may not be on sufficient levo to do so or not convert properly. T3 is the only active thyroid hormone we need to make us symptom-free but, again, it has to be optimum.

Some people, I believe, have had heart attacks when on Statins which they are very handily prescribing these days, instead of increasing or adding thyroid hormones, particularly when T3 is low.

Did you have your blood test at the very earliest, fasting (you can drink watr). Did you allow 24 hours gap between your last dose and the test and take afterwards?


Thank you for you additional help, I am reluctant to take Statins and can't understand why they are prepared to offer them instead of trying to improve the situation with better thyroid treatment. I think possibly they are very reluctant to offer T 3 as it is so expensive. I am thinking of asking for a private prescription and paying for it .

I am not good first thing very slow and dopy and often headachy , usually I aim for mid morning about 10.30 am for bloods but always fast and don't take that day's dose till after my blood has been taken.

Do you now if it is the caffeine in the coffee that interferes with T4 or something else?


They were reluctant to even prescribe T3 when it was about £30 I believe. They could easily prescribe the other T3s but wont because they're not licened but have been in use for years elsewhere in the world. Also the BTA have made false statements that levo alone is 'perfect' and more or less say it's all in our minds. So I am assuming none of the Endocrinologists or family members have no issue with their thyroid glands.

I believe they've got concerned because the forum was stating that T3 could be helpful so requests were made to be prescribed, even on a trial basis. So they 'authorities' don't like it that their philosophies are being over-rode by those who have the misfortune to have developed hypo but also do not recover on levo.

How they can state that NDT is 'inconsisten' when there's been more issues with levo and besides NDT contains all of the hormones our healthy gland would have produced. It's all 'smoke and mirrors' to me.

We are talking about the percentage of patients who do NOT get well on levo as those who are fine wont be on the internet looking for a solution to their distress.


Coffee can interfere with the uptake of levothyroxine, unfortunately for mant who like their morning dose.


I improved my conversion rate and my general health by adding in more vitamins and minerals. Have you had Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin tested? They are help.


I only joined yesterday and was a bit nervous in doing so but was feeling desperate but I have already received a lot of good advice. People on this site are so generous and willing to share what they have learned themselves . Thank you so much. I will post again when I next see my Specialist.


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