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I have now got a diagnosis of hashimoto my results are TPI antibodies >1000 TSH NOW 0.09 was 27 in November FT4 of 17.4 corrected calcium 2.66, PTH 11.1 VIT D level now 72.2 after large loading dose

Had sestamibi scan what an awful experience that was has shown a predominately cystic module suggestive of adenoma on the parathyroid 2.2 cm endocrinologist not worried about that at the minute.

Still need Dexa scan and kidney scan

Still feeling absolute rubbish but always feel better when I put it on here .

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Some info re hashi's but am sorry you need more investigations and hope they turn out fine.


Thanks so do I xx


Fingers crossed for you. 🤞

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I have just recieved a letter asking me to go for a chest X-ray following my sestamibi scan has anyone else had to do this I'm s bit worried 😩


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