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Doctors say I need another blood test in 3 months

After about 9 months of trying to tell my GP I was hypo not menopausal I took the decision to self medicate. I've now been taking Thyriod S since the beginning of November & I feel so much better.

I'm on 2 grains currently but suspect I need to up the dose slightly but the GP said she would re-do thyroid bloods early January. So I decided I'd hold off changing the dose till I had my new blood results back.

I had them done last Monday & have just received a call from the receptionist saying the GP wants me to have my bloods done again in 3 months. I haven't actually got the results in my hand yet, I'm picking them up tomorrow. But I'm guessing my TSH has dropped & they a little perplexed as to why.

I haven't advised them I'm self medicating, I was just going to use them for the blood tests as I found the GP I saw to be totally patronising and unwilling to listen. I ended up leaving my last appointment in tears, although I did get a referral to an endo (still waiting for the appointment!)

Incidentally the receptionist said another GP had requested I get re-tested not the patronising one I saw initially.

I'll repost when I get the results but I just thought it was funny that my results are triggering action rather than the usual 'you're in range'.

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Because you are taking Thyroid-S the tests will show a difference as they were introduced along with levothyroxine. The fact that you've improved showed it has been very worthwhile as you feel so much better. If waiting for GP to take notice of your clinical symptoms you'd still be waiting.



Thanks for the info shaws.

I suspect they've only done TSH as they only took a small amount of blood. I was going to see what they had tested & go to BH if needed.

The GP wouldn't admit anything was wrong with my thyroid as the TSH was 'in range' and insisted it was the menopause despite the blood tests saying the opposite. Her response was 'well on the day of the test it shows you weren't but another day you probably would be as your hormones will be all over the show!' She refused point blank it was my thyroid & begrudgingly agreed to the referral & bloods in January.

Her parting words to me were 'as a woman, I'm sure when I'm your age I'll feel just as bad as you do now!' I was too upset to respond at the time but it makes my blood boil every time I think about it now.


Re her last comment it would be upsetting. She is admitting that you are feeling 'bad' but you and I know she would be prescribing for herself if she did feel as you do.

Unfortunately, it is due to their very poor training in all things connected to the thyroid gland, particularly the clinical symptoms. You can tick off the ones you have when you next see her and say that you are now self-medicating and have relieved your symptoms. This is part 1 and there is also a part 2 re 'Myths of Hypothyroidism'.




Thanks again shaws.

I tried to discuss all this with her but she just disregarded it, spoke over me & refused to see an issue.

I won't be going to see her again, but will request another GP in the practice. I also have a friend who has hashis & she got so frustrated with this GP she walked out of her surgery mid conversation.

Hopefully another GP may be more amenable.


Just a reminder - blood tests have to be very earliest possible and fasting (water can be taken). Also if you take replacement hormones, allow 24 hours between last dose and test.


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