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I. Have ordered T3 from Greece as before. I. Was given a tracking no. I think that it has been scammed . I just had an email from DHL asking for info of my address. The tracking number I have is with the post office once it's in England I have ignored this and have left it unopened. Has anyone else had this problem,

The email says that it can't deliver and require me to verify my address, not sure what they could get from me but I letting anyone ordering to be aware of what I think is a phishing? Scam ?

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  • Get in touch with the seller asap and get then to confirm which courier companies they maybe using as it may not be a scam.

  • Hi bluebug. I have confirmed it is a virus if clicking on the link , be warned . DHL have a help line and it's been a problem. Said if DHL handled and couldn't deliver would leave a card in address. Greek company use Post Office service . I will email the Greek company tomorrow and let them know what's happened. Be warned everyone

  • Never click on one of those links - it is likely to infect your PC with ransomware or a key logger. It is a good idea to look at any suspicious messages in text - not HTML view, then you can see what's really there and chack the headers to see who the message is really from. Even if your AV picked this up, I would still do a full anti-virus scan and also a malware scan with Super anti-spyware or malwarebytes (or both) - there are free editions of both of them.

  • Always be extremely careful of ANY email which has an attachment.

    Nowadays, for many of us, it is more likely to be malware (virus, trojan, etc.) than anything valid. And most people who send valid emails understand why you might have rejected what they sent.

    In the first instance, assume it is bad.

  • Hey guys, priv msg me please.

    I need to order some aswell

  • Look at the headers of your email - if you look at the Help for your email program it will tell you how to do this (or search web). If it has an attachment or contains a link to click (look at the link in text - not HTML - view and see where it really goes), it is definitely a scam/virus. You can always phone DHL locally by looking in phone book and ask them. I'd say scam because how would DHL know your email address when all that is on the parcel is your street address?

  • Thanks for all info. Was very wary of it which proved to be thd case. I did report to DHL on their fraud page.

    Received my Precious package from Greece this morning. 🙂🙂 it has always been a smooth operation and very professional on their part

  • Hi Gcart - can you please pm me your source, my usual supplier is out of stock :(

  • Let me know if you got my pm. Not sure if I got it right

  • I've had several emails from DHL advising me of imminent deliveries which, thankfully, my Gmail put straight into my spam folder! If you hover over the sender's name you'll find anything but a DHL address. If in doubt, don't open and dump!

  • Don't open, report, then dump 😬

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