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60mg Carambole

I am currently on 40mg carbimazole but endo wants to increase to 60mg as my T3 has shot up 8x to over 40 and T4 has risen back to higher level than when started. All as a result of stopping meds whilst very ill last weekend for 3 days! Has anyone been on 60mg as 40mg seemed to wipe me out so would like some advice please.

Also how to you take your carambole? my Doc said it was ok to take the 2x20mg pills at same time, and have thought it might be better to spread over the day as feel so tired during the day after them. If was on 60mg would it not be better to take say 9am 3pm and 9pm to spread it out? thanks

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Someone who has had the same treatment as you will respond whe they read your question. I am hypothyroid so cannot advise. I hope you feel better soon.


Thanks shaws for response, don't suppose there will be many. 60mg seems a very high dose and not sure if many will have been through it!


In the meantime, there's some past posts and some may be helpful if you've not looked at them.

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