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THANKYOU I'm feeling much better

Just a note to say that since starting t3 12.5mcg in total split into two doses, I am feeling sooooooo much better. Early days as this is only day three, however if nothing else my brain fog has lifted and my mind is clear and Sharpe.

In fact I am astounded how quickly I am functioning at work which just goes to show how much hypothyroidism affects you. I didn't think I was that bad, just cold and tired with weight issues but to have full mental function is AMAZING 🤗😆😚

A MASSIVE THANKYOU to the community for showing me there is an alternative to suffering.

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Optimal health is something everyone deserves. Well done you for reading and accepting the advice given here. I know I have learnt so much from others who know more than me and share their knowledge .... Maybe you will be able to increase your dose in a couple of weeks. So pleased you are feeling stronger ....

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Good to hear that it is having such a positive effect Eastas . Don't forget to keep an eye on your FT3 level, it's important to keep from going over range. Blue Horizon and Medichecks both do a test which includes TSH, FT4 and FT3 as a fingerprick test.

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