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Yes! So happy some doctor said I'm much better!

Just wanted to share with you guys!

I've been seeing a traditional Chinese doctor whose trained in both TCM and western medicine for my PCOS (for some reason unknown she can't do much about the hypo). Originally she was very sceptical about ndt (not heard of it since she wasn't trained as a go or endo) but yesterday she said that she did her research and it sounded interesting (and valid) and that she's impressed regarding how much I've improved! So happy that someone finally was open minded and listened and is happy with my progress.

Still told me off about the drinking and ice cream though. And that I am allowed 2 more months for my body to accept the coil otherwise she'd insist I take it out (and she already said no to all hormone based contraceptives). Fingers now crossed for that.

But still, yay!

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Don't modern coils have fake progesterone in them? I used to have a copper 7 years ago - wonderful except for the heavy periods and excruciating cramps, but removing it made me unwell - in fact, I think that's when most of my problems started. You just can't win.


Mine is copper! So old fashion ;). Yeah, the doctor at the clinic was really pushing me to have a progesterone one but I insisted not to. I have enough going on with my hormones to introduce fake progesterone into my body! Also, it lasts for 10 years rather than 3 or 5 and I liked that about it too.

I've had excruciating cramps since the TCM got my periods regular without any pills etc. 3 years ago. Being chinese she was very pragmatic and asked whether I actually wanted periods or not and deal with the pain (stop whining!). It's just usually not staying-up-all-night bad and for the whole period though?

Can't believe having it removed caused your problems! That sounds terrible. No, apparently we can't win at all. :(


Prepare for cramps and heavy periods, but possibly weight loss. Mine was cramps that made you pass out for the first couple of days, then just "uncomfortable".

I had to have mine out under general anaesthetic (as it was so wedged in after 10 years), but that wasn't really a problem. Hurt like hell when they tried to pull it out without, though. Also went into shock on having it put in - I used to do that very easily before getting my hormones fixed more recently (unable to speak, hands close up, dizzy, fall over).

I think it could have been the sudden reduction in copper that caused my problems, lost weight then stacked weight on, more bad headaches, nausea, dizzy spells, no periods at all and so on which just got worse and worse over the next few years.


Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me!


But no need to worry about it for 10 years ;-)


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