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Would just like to thank you all for the education on thyroid problems and more importantly GP problems and how to deal with them.

I had a very minor win today The receptionist called me on Wednesday to advise I was fine and to carry on with 125mcg for the next moth and retest. Which all sounds wonderful except I feel worse than I did two months ago :(

I kept my appointment today and as per usual asked for actual numbers along with Are they good with my T4 in the top of the range or am I just in range? Can we up the dose to 150mcg to see if the tweek will raise my T4 ....

And lo and behold he said yes......I think he is of the opinion I know more than him LOL which if that is true is rather concerning!!

Did I do the right thing?

My last two results are as follows;


TSH 6.41 mIU/L *H(0.34 - 5.4)

Free T4 12.9pmol/L (9-24)


TSH 0.95 mIU/L (0.34 - 5.4)

Free T4 17.0 mIU/L (9-24)

Many thanks for any advice you may be able to provide


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Go girl! Well done! Yes, you did the right thing 😄. Your FT4 should be in the upper quarter so 19+ if that is where you feel good.

The only other advice I would say is if he starts saying your TSH is low/below range then say that 'It doesn't matter as that isn't a thyroid hormone, it's a pituitary hormone isn't it. But what does matter is that FT3 stays in range, isn't it? So if you're worried can we arrange for FT3 to be tested?' 😂


Thank you SeasideSusie,

I just hope I start to feel better soon but without the education I have recieved on here I would not have known about any of this and when the receptionist told me I was 'normal'

I woud have just been upset So you have all improved the quality of my life.....thankyou doesn't seem enough :)

I did rattle on about VitD B12 (mine is extremely low and today I also got injections prescribed) Feels like a Big win...... just hope I improve now!

But thanks again



That's good news and it is amazing when we finally begin to feel better.

To help achieve its aim you can become a Member. These are details if you wish. I wouldn't be better if it wasn't for TUK and that's before this forum began.


Done already

Maud is a screen name I use :)

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Hi Maud04,

You sure did...the right thing👍



It actually is normal for patients with chronic conditions to know more about the condition than their GP.

This is because the patient has to live with the condition everyday, there as the GP is a generalist who has to know the basics of every single condition that could walk through the door of the surgery.

However if you know more about a condition than a specialist who claims to be up to date with the research on the condition, then that's when you should be worried.


NEVER accept results from a receptionist! Ask where they got their medical degree. I do, I will never accept that a receptionist knows when to take lower or raise meds when a doctor can.


The nice Receptionist at my GP surgery was happy to print out my test results. She then explained they were "all fine", and hammered the point home by actually drawing a ring around all the parts which said "Normal No Action" (presumably in case I couldn't read!) Well, thanks to this site, I now know that many of my results could be better, and can go armed with this information when I see the GP on Monday! (For example, my Vit B12 at 278ng/L (range 145-910), for which I am now taking supplements, after advice on here). I have more confidence now I know things such as: T4 needs to be at the top of (or just above) the range, and TSH needs to be low down near the bottom of its range (preferably 1 or below). I am so grateful I joined Thyroid UK and HealthUnlocked, and will keep logging on and learning more. A big thank you to all the kind, knowledgeable, people on here who give advice, comfort and hope to so many, and to those who post queries and get answers, which others can learn from.


Oh my goodness! How patronising! I would complain about this receptionist. Even if she had been told to do this it should t be happening.

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