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The Thyroid Secret

I've been gluten and soy free but only for 2 months after watching The Thyroid Secret.

Thats also why I asked for antibody test. 75.8 [0 - 50]

I been living with Thyroid disease for years and was happy to listen to GP......after watching this I decided to take my health back.....and I now find myself fighting the GP every step off the way.

His favourite saying is your TSH is in normal level. 0.18 [0.3 - 5.5]

Give me strength lol

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Hi julie

Has being gluten and soy free helped? I'm thinking of doing it, and same here, I think I'm annoying my doctor with all my questions and requests but still getting nowhere fast! Good luck with everything.


Hi Kateybee

I do feel a little better but its very early days. I am just the same with my doctor and I don't think he likes it when I know more than him. I wish I could fine a doctor who understands us. Good luck to you too.

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