The Thyroid Secret

Just discovered that Dr Izabella Wentz is doing another free screening of The Thyroid Secret. I did find it informative from about episode 3 onwards. I do hope it helps someone. I'm interested to know what good things you manage to draw from it. I think I've tried just about everything now. Hope this helps everyone xxx

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  • Hi Lucy, I can never work out what time they are shown over here with the time zones and all that. I signed up for one (not sure whether it was Izabella Wentz) and it was shown late in the evening - way past my bed time!

  • It doesn't matter what time you watch it as each episode is available for 24 hours. I used to watch it whenever it was convenient, morning, lunch, the next day. If you miss one it tells you the next episode is now screening and you can watch that one instead. I don't have internet in my flat, so I used to go to cafes with a connection and sit there for a couple hours with my headphones on. I would like to watch it again, but I don't know how many cups of tea/ coffee i can cope with again 🙃

  • Lucy15, Your link to The Thyroid Secret has been edited. Please read this post from Louise Roberts to fully understand why. Thanks

  • I'm sorry, I find that quite harsh. I thought the videos were very helpful and believe that people should know about them if it helps their health. How can I profit from posting such a link. I did not realise that you profited from such a thing, I thought this was a free platform to help people with Thyroid disorders connect and help each other?

  • Lucy15, Thanks for your understanding in your second comment below.

    With regard to this forum, yes, it is free for you and everyone else to use. However, please understand that the forum only exists because of the Charity Thyroid UK ( ). Without this charity, the forum could not exist.

    Forum admins like myself and others with 'Administrator' by their name, moderate the forum on a voluntary unpaid basis. But the charity itself urgently needs funds to keep everything else running, such as the office, staff, main website etc.

    Again, thanks for your understanding.

  • Oh I understand now. I never realised that you had your own link to it, that sends a donation to you. As long as people can still watch it

  • Hi Lucy, I didn't know that either. Learn something new every day.

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