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Hi just wondered if anyone could look at this blood test result it's not mine but my friend who is stuggling to lose weight and feels yuk .She's 58 years old and takes 25 thyroxine a day her reading is T3 3.7 ( 0.27- 4.2 ) T4 18 (9- 26) TSH 212 and CALCIUM 2.1 - 2.58 .... I just thought she's not taking enough thyroid medication. ..thank you for your help

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Is that correct TSH 212 ?


Is her calcium 2.1 ? not clear what you have written, if it is 2.1 it's low.


lorrainewilson64 Can you double check these please. I'm assuming the results are for free T3 and free T4 and not total T3 and total T4.

T3 3.7 ( 0.27- 4.2 ) - that range is the one we usually see for TSH not FT3

T4 18 (9- 26) - that range looks OK

TSH 212 - seriously? 212? Have you missed out a decimal point?

CALCIUM 2.1 - 2.58 - that looks like a range, what is the result?


Hi I've looked at her print out and all it says T3 = 3.7 ( 0.27 - 4.2 ) T4 = 18 ( 9 - 26 ) Callum = 2.1 - 2.58 and TSH = 21.2 she take 25 thyroxine a day ....hope this is more clear x


I think whoever did the print out has input the details wrongly, they don't make sense.

Sorry, but the range 0.27-4.2 is for TSH not FT3. FT3 range would be more like 3.1-6.8

There is still no clarification of the calcium result as 2.1-2.58 is a range not a result.

TSH would appear to be 21.2 not 212 as originally stated.


Assuming the ranges I have put here, and the fact that your friend is struggling to loose weight and feels yuk, then

TSH: 21.2 (0.27-4.2) - If this is a true figure then this is way over range, she is very undermedicated and needs an immediate increase. However she is unlikely to have the following FT4 with that TSH .....

FT4: 18 (9-26) - This is half way through range. If she was optimally medicated it would probably be in the upper part of the range, eg. 21+ if that is where she feels best.

FT3: 3.7 (3.1-6.8*) - *possibly but the range would be something similar. If this is the range then FT3 is far too low. T3 is the active hormone which every cell in our body needs and FT3 should be in the upper quarter of the range if that is where she feels best, eg around 5.9+

It really is important to get to the bottom of these results and find out for definite what they actually are. I have guessed, based on what we normally see here, but I may have got it wrong. Your friend, and maybe you accompanying her, needs to go to the surgery and ask again for accurate results with reference ranges, something along the lines that I have put above. No accurate comment can really be given without accurate results/ranges.


When was your friend diagnosed?

How long has she been on 25mcg Levo?

As 25mcg is a starter dose, was she re-tested 6-8 weeks later?

Does she take her Levo on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after food?

Does she take her Levo with water only, no tea, coffee, milk?

Does she take any other medication? Some medications and supplements will affect the absorption of Levo.

Does she have any test results for the following:

Vit D





I would seriously consider getting your friend to do a private test that includes the full thyroid panel and, if not already done, the above vitamins and minerals.

Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit - 15% discount until 24th March or

Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven

Testing details -


Thank you for your advice I told her to see the doctor for a print out of results as the receptionist gave her a a letter with readings . She's tested each year and still on 25 levo for the oast 8 years .Thank you again. ..I didn't think they sounded right x


To leave a patient on a starter dose of 25mcg for 8 years is scandalous. How on earth is she functioning.

Her doctor needs shooting and your friend needs to sort things out, learn about her condition and get herself a dose increase.

If she has internet access she can start by looking at ThyroidUK's main website and maybe joining the forum and reading some of the threads.


Thank you I just wrote what my friend wrote down ....didn't think it looked right ....but thank you for your reply x


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