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help with test results had them done and they show normal but my mum and nan have thyroid i have same symtoms why is my results normal

i have been taking my own medication t3 25mc 1x tablet per day i felt better infact i felt normal ive come off them as my heart rate was over 100 on the t3 . my results are

tsh 1.3 miu/l 0.27-4.20

free thyroxine 15.11pmo1/l12.00-22.00

t4 75.2 nmo1/l 59.00-154.00

free t3 4.79 pmol/l 3.10-6.80

thyroglobulin antibody 15.050 iu/ml 0.00-115.00

thyroid peroxidase antibodies 8.14 iu/ml 0.00-34.00

these are private results can anyone help please

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Did you start taking 25 mcg T3 just like that? Or did you ramp up the dose, say from 1/4 tablet, then 1/2 tablet, etc?

Your blood tests indicate that you do not have a problem with your thyroid. But psychiatrists can and do prescribe small doses of T3 for mood improvement. evolutionarypsychiatry.blog...

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yes i started just taking one tablet of t3 at first . i went to the doctors explained weight gain falling asleep constantly tired ive been like it for a long time but it seems to have got worse this has been going on for 5 years feeling tried cant function in a morning falling asleep etc . i dont take the t3 anymore as i was told it was dangerious . that was about a month ago i took the tablets for about 2 months every day i felt better normal not sluggish - i paid for the test i thought it would show up something .


Possibly you could go for a sleep study to see if there's something going on for why you don't get restorative sleep.

Back in 1999 I had a sleep study done and because of chronic pain, I actually never got restorative sleep and was having 'arousals' (i.e. when the brain is waking up although I was unaware) every minute. So yes, I was not sleeping hence why I was dead on my feet. But there are other reasons for why a person wakes up in the morning and feels like they haven't slept well. You may learn things like if you sleep on your side, you get better quality sleep. Stuff like that.

If you read Dr. Emily Deans blog entries on the use of T3, you'll see that she recommends lower dosages. A quarter of a tablet would be totally safe. She has information on how giving patients 25 mcg or 50 mcg doesn't work well because of 'side effects'.... you got that. She has several blog entries on the thyroid, thyroid medications, etc. Definitely worth a read.


Those test results are all within normal range, this could either mean that you do not have hypothyroidism, or you do have hypothyroidism but because you have been self medicating the hormone levels have all normalised.

25mcg might be too high a dose if you were experiencing those side effects.

Were you still taking the medication when you had the tests done?


hi thanks for replying im at my wits end - no i was not taking the medication i stopped taking it as someone told me it was dangerious i took t3 for about 2 months . i stopped taking it 3 weeks ago and took it for nearly 2 months then paid for a private test as i said my nan and mum and her all her family suffer from it and for years ive been having the same symptons as them .


25mcg of T3 daily is equivalent to 100mcg of levothyroxine - the only recommended hormone replacement recommended in the UK.

Do you have your very original blood test results, with the ranges, before you began taking thyroid hormone replacements, to post for comments .


Having joined the Forum last October - I am a little bewildered as to why you did not try T4 first before embarking on the self medication of T3.

How long have you been taking T3 ?


hi ive been taking t3 for 2 months im not taking it anymore


I would suggest having the following tested - B12 -Ferritin - Folate - VitD. Also the FBC. It is possible you are anaemic - symptoms similar to being Hypo.

Are you taking any other meds ? Gut issues ?


1) We would like to see what your tests showed before you started T3.

2) While you were taking T3, how did you settle on 25mcg as your dose?

3) Now that you are off T3, your FT3 is about 45% up in range. That is probably OK, however, there is a possibility you would feel better if your FT3 were in the upper quarter of the range.

4) I will say this. Again! I do not agree with docs who say antibody levels that are not close to zero, but are below the (arbitrary) cutoff point, are safe. Because my thyroid was destroyed by relatively low TPO antibodies, over a LONG period of time. Thus:

5) What do you know about your gut health? Are you taking nutritional supplements? Are you using dangerous foods like gluten, dairy, soy?


What time of day were the bloods? Were they early and fasting and only drinking water?


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