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lyme disease & underactive thryoid

I am very very confused.... I have had an underactive thryoid since i was 16 (now 22)

I have had numerous of health problems since october 2015 and i have been under the rhumotologist for past year as they think i have Undifferentiated connective tissue disease which turns into lupus.

I saw my rhumy yesterday who then brought up that i should be tested for lyme disease as I have had a lesion on my breast for past 8-10 months and nothing is getting rid of it (fungal infection & exzma cream)

He did mention something about my underactive thryoid being connected with this and it confused the hell out of me... I have just read something on the internet which someone has said lyme disease actually brings on underactive thryoids... Im quite worried now as iv been ill for nearly 2 years and if it is lyme disease but if i have had it since i was 16 or prior and then developed the underactive thryoid?

I have a pretty big family and i am the only one with a thyroid disorder and connective tissue disease.

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Hidden am not aware of Lyme disease causing hypothyroidism, is your consultant going to write to your GP to request Lyme testing?


Have a little read of that link.

He got me to have my bloods done yesterday straight after the consultation so just waiting game now to find out..


Hidden thanks for the link and wasn't aware of that trigger although I do know that some with autoimmune conditions can get Lyme.

The problem is that any Lyme disease tests aren't 100% accurate, if an NHS test doesn't show anything then they will not carry out further testing. In other words the NHS consider it definitive despite them being in denial about Lyme for decades.


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