Should I raise my ndt?

I saw my endo yesterday and I asked if I should raise my ndt. She said no based on my labs. My tsh is where it should be. I'm wondering if I should try adding 30 mg as a 2nd dose to the 60mg I take in the am already? I'm still exhausted and have carpal tunnel in my left hand ( I'm right handed) . A's well as other symptoms. I think I have room to work on my t3. But advice would be appreciated.

Tsh .28 ( .10-5.0)

Free t4 11.8 ( 11.0-23.0)

Free t3 4.0 ( 3.5-6.5)

60mg ndt in the am

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  • What she meant was, based on your TSH - which is very, very wrong! - because your FT3 (the only important number when you're taking T3, is very low). She obviously doesn't know very much about the treatment of hypo.

    I would give yourself that increase, if I were you.

  • Thank you! I will do that!

  • Daisylain,

    Most people on NDT go by symptoms and FT3. Your FT3 is low in range and there is plenty of scope to improve it so yes, increase your dose.

  • Thank you. I will do that today!

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