Interesting new suppressed TSH result, need your opinions please

Hello everybody, some of you may recall that my London private endo asked me to take 200mcg of Selenium for 6 weeks daily whilst maintaining my daily dose of 75mcg of Levothyroxine. At the same time he provided me with a prescription for 10mcg of Liothyronine daily. I tried taking 5mcg with my Levo for a few days but my attempt wasn't that successful as it left me feeling very tired in the afternoon so I stopped. I also experienced insomnia. I thought it was best to leave things alone for now and then retest everything after 6 weeks. He also wanted to retest DHEAS after I showed him my Adrenal Stress Profile. The below test results were taken this morning without food. Levo was taken at 8am the day before.

TSH 0.48 ( 0.27-4.20 ) mU/L

Free T4 17.0 ( 12.0-22.0 ) pmol/L

Free T3 3.4 ( 3.1- 6.8 ) pmol/L

DHEA Sulphate 1.8 ( 1.8-7.7 ) umol/L

I'm a bit surprised as to why TSH is suppressed because when I had TSH and Free T4 tested in January 2017 it was close to 3. Has the selenium affected this result? So do I still need to take T3? Does Levo need to be increased? Bear in mind I've been especially ill since it was lowered from 100mcg to 75mcg in April 2016. I was diagnosed hypothyroid almost 17 years ago. Thanks.

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  • Serendipitious,

    TSH is low in range but it isn't suppressed. TSH would be <0.1 if it were suppressed. FT3 is low in range so you could try T3 again to see whether you tolerate it better but if not, a Levothyroxine dose increase will raise FT4 and FT3.

  • your t3 is low probably because your ferritin or folate or b12 or vit d3 are below halfway in their ranges

    you need to address them ,,,i think the selenium thing is overhyped

  • I think somehow Free T4 has risen since January 2017. It was 11.70 pmol/L back then. Perhaps the Selenium has helped raise it.

    reallyfedup123 my nutrient levels are all good and were tested last month. I think Folate and B12 are on the higher side so I've stopped supplementing. Not that I was taking too much anyway but its always been high regardless of supplementing or not.

    Ferritin 150 ug/L (11 - 336)

    Folate 23 ug/L (3.1 - 19.9)

    B12 2000 ng/L (187 - 883)

    Vitamin 68 nmol/L (51-75)

  • well its your t3 thats out of whack with the t4 and is low so maybe you have the DIO2 gene

    you need a higher t3 level ....your ferritin needs to be over 165 on that range

    but maybe a trial of liothyronine would help

  • I did the DIO2 test last month. It said

    Deiodinase Iodinase Type II, homozygous wildtype TT.

    I'm guessing that means I don't have the defective gene?

    I must have forgotten to ask the forum.

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