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Been taking all different antidepressants over the last 18 months to which I hate taking, all i wanted was bereavement counseling, but was on a 9 month waiting list, in the mean time but me on AD's, which put me further down hill, but then you get to a point of no return, more recently I have been in hospital, they put me on Venlafaxine 37.5mg, they want me to go Higher, but I am not going to, been on them almost 4 weeks now, not feeling good, i take 75mico thyroxine, they say my thyroid is normal. I have lost my appetite not sleeping, now taking a sleeping pill, which scares me. 18 months ago i was 1.5 stones heavier ate okay and slept okay. Before i went on the Venlafaxine paid for the biggest test in Manchester UK, but then I had a bad turn, and I went in Hospital, but now I am on tablets i am not sure whether the test would come out right, it might hide the fact there was a problem, the test is good for a year, so maybe i should wait. In the meantime can I take amino acids instead of the sleeping tablets with Venlafaxine. does anyone know? ..... Many thanks Hilary


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  • HilaryBarnett11,

    It would be a good idea to check TSH, FT4 and FT3 to check 75mcg is an optimal dose. Being under medicated will cause low mood.

    I'm afraid I don't know whether amino acids can be taken with Venlafaxine. Check the patient information leaflet or Google "Amino acids+Venlafaxine".

  • Depression is a SYMPTOM of hypothyroid not a seperate thing.

  • Hilary, I forgot to ask, read some of your older posts, and you had written you were on thyroid meds for 21 years, did you feel o.k. during that time before you started the AD's? Also was wondering if your TSH, FT3, andFT4 were about the same then as they are now? Also was going to tell you that I was successfull in being off the Parnate for 2 months, and was beginning to feel better, and for some dumb reason went on it again. From everything I've read on posts about AD withdrawal, it can take a LONG time, months even, but it can be done. I think it's particularly hard when you throw thyroid problems into the mix. Colleen

  • Thanks Coleen.... Yes I felt okay for 21 years, at times i could suffer a little anxiety, but it mostly was if my thyroid was working properly, but never took AD's till 17 months ago, after I got late bereavement, my husband passed 4 years ago, and i was okay for 2.5 years, then it hit me, I wish then i would have paid for counseling then instead of taking a cocktail of antidepressants over time, and experiencing withdrawals all the time, now i know I have to master this one, cos no more AD's, i have had enough, I will then have to reduce on Diazepam, but i don't think there as bad to come off, as before i started taking thyroxine in 1996, they had me on Diazepam most of my life, and really it was my thyroide. Every doctor I saw then thought I had a thyroid problem, right from the age of 16, but put me on diazepam instead, hiding the fact I had a problem, till in the end i came off them in 1992 and in 1995 was falling off my feet, I was working 2 jobs at the time, so that took my mind off, first of all they thought I had MS, it was Diana Holmes ( she runs the Thyroid Uk now) said I don't think you have MS I think you have long term untreated thyroid, but the minuet I took thyroid I felt good and started walking properly and never took anything, so I know it is the AD's that have brought me down, but now it is hard to get back up again, especially when your on your own.. My FT3 and FT4 are at the very low part of normal, so too is my ferritin and vitamin B, my ferritin is halve of what it was 11 months ago, and my FT3 and 4 are lower, but again in the very low part of normal.... At the moment I think I have double whammy, withdrawal and thyroid, but since I have been taking folic acid, my depression has gone worse, but they say there is no side effects. I am not sure anymore, had a fit of crying again today. I am so frustrated.... Hilary x

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