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I have just received a phone call from my G.P. saying he needs to see me because blood tests show my thyroid is low.

I have been suffering with the same conditions for at least 20 years plus, but dispite numerous tests I was always told there was nothing wrong. I sleep for almost 18 hrs a day, am obese, have no appetite and am very depressed.

I am on numerous anti-depressants/sleeping tablets/slimming pills and the thought of taking yet more medication scares me as I am so low and have attempted suicide on numerous occasions. The medication I take at the moment does not do me any good and i am worried that the same will happen with even more medication.

I am frightened as to what the future holds.

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If you have now (at last) been properly diagnosed, you might very well be at the turning point of everything. Low thyroid hormone affects everything. So appropriate treatment helps to mend everything.

I certainly hope that you will, in time, be able to say bye-bye to most other things and get on fine with thyroid hormones. Many people improve enormously though you do need to be aware that it can take quite a while to get to the optimum treatment for you.

All the best



Hi Good that some one has final realised. This is common, unfortunately. Treatment is normally with Levo ( T4) to start with, with frequent bloods until the right dose. However, some of us do have low TSH which muddies the picture.If you do not feel well enough and no more rises given. Have a thyroid blood test on line, because unless lucky , you will need TSH, T4 and Free T3 for thee correct treatment. It is also quite common to need some T3 along with the T4. Also there are further tests desirable. Look upon this as a good starting point and hopefully you will find a big difference. You should do eventually with the correct treatment.

Best wishes,


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There isnt a Reply to this under Sugarlugs post Jackie, but really wanted to say - totally empathise with your story. Who knows how many lives have been seriously affected by non diagnosis of thyroid disease and have been treated for depression unsuccessfully with anti-depressants for many years! Hope you see some improvement eventually. Levothyroxine has made an improvement to my life 'eventually' but it is true it can take a while to get the dosage right. Then maybe you can come off the other medication. My thoughts are with you x


Ah Sugarlugs, poor you. Don't be scared, most of us have been where you are, or can empathise in some form. We're all her to support and fingers crossed that the way forward is just around the corner. Good Luck!



any tips on how to keep warm im cold shivery and ache


Yes, sugar, the other meds just relieve symptoms and I guess but this one does also but will help you raise your energy level which will help you lose weight and which should also raise your spirits. As others mentioned, you may be able to get rid of the others and one of them probably caused even more weight gain than just being hypothyroid. I think you will notice the difference very quickly and then you will see results. Don't be afraid and be ready for a new start. Let us know how you do.


Also make sure you are offered to raise your dose as you need to. You may start out at 25 mcg. of levo (wish it were Armour, but) and after a week or two, add another 25 mcg. and you may have to continue to do this for several weeks and end up taking 100 mcg or even 125 mcg. before your TSH comes down to 1.00. You have to make sure they don't let you stagnate on 25 or 50 mcgs. for months and months.


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