Thyroid and memory laps

I am going for a full thyroid test on everything at Manchester Uk on Tuesday morning7thMarch, and this morning (Sunday) can't remember if i took my thyroxine, when i woke at 6.30am, I don't think I did, fell asleep again, woke up at 7am and took my thyroxine..... My memory has been terrible lately.... the last 15 months they have had me on all sorts of antidepressants to which none of them have agreed with me, lately i am coming off Venlafaxine, which have made me worse, no more AD's after this anymore...... I have lost a lot of weight, as unlike a lot of people I lost weight when i was first diagnosed with my thyroid 20 years ago, i have no energy, very tired, pains in my legs, very low, with a lot of anxiety.... i take 75miro.... the GP says my thyroid is normal, but I feel it is not.... What worries me now is will an extra 75 miro effect the test... I know to not take any on the day of my test... I am in a total mess, don't know what the hell i am doing lately.... Hilary

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  • Remember that the blood test should be fasting (you can drink water) and to leave 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test and take it afterwards.

    Normal is a meaningless word when dealing with patients who are hypothyroid. First we feel anything but 'normal' when we have many clinical symptoms.

    Normal to us is that we feel we are back to good health with no clinical symptoms at all.

    Normal to a doctor with regard to blood tests just means that TSH is 'somewhere' in the range' even if it is at the top of the range, when we need it at least 1 or lower.

    Ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies. If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested it would be preferable to have these tested too as a deficiency can also cause us to have clinical symptos.

  • I should have said that I'm sorry you feel so bad and memory can be affected with hypo too, as well as all the other miserable symptoms which may arise. Don't worry about maybe have taken too much levo you probably haven't but we can have a doubt at times.

    A good idea is to get a weekly pill-box and that helps keep us right i.e. if we have a doubt, we look at our box and if tablet isn't in the 'day' space we've already taken it. You can get cheap pill boxes in £ shops.

  • Hi Shaws, I know I should have a pill box, and I am certainly going to get one now, but it is worrying me, that if I did take double, which i think i would be feeling the effects by now, I think, would this effect the blood test on Tuesday? as this is a very big test, only could get it done in Manchester, paid top money for it,but money means nothing when you are trying to get your health right... WOULD DOUBLE on a Sunday morning effect it by Tuesday at 10.30, as I know I have not done this before, but really had a complete blank this morning. I do know not to have any Tuesday until the test is done... Many thank Hilary

  • If you are still doubtful can you change the date of the test? I have read that some people take one weekly dose of levo and I wouldn't fancy that myself so I'd assume their test would be 'different'.

  • If i am still doubtful, How long should I leave it before i Should make a different appointment would you think, sorry to put this to you, and i hope you don't mind me asking you this.... Hilary x

  • If it was my personal decision and thought I'd taken a double-dose, I'd miss one day's dose altogether i.e. Monday and take Tuesday's dose after the blood test.

    However, you do what you think would put your mind at rest and not still be doubtful as to what the results will be.

  • I actually thought of doing just that, missing Mondays out and taking my thyroxine after the test Tuesday,... Hilary x

  • Get yourself a weekly pill box. It is so easy to take a pill and totally forget you have two seconds later, been there got the t.shirt. My best wishes to you.

  • I agree a pill box with days of the week on mine says morning ,lunch ,pm ,night on , I just ignore that and use it as weeks1-4 instead, memory loss is horrible,( not the normal) forgetting your childrens names) I have lists every where and when i am really bad, I Cellotape instructions to the door or mirror in the bathroom to remind me to take my pills and instructions for the day,I also have a 1s delay in hearing what someone says to me and my reply or action so I am also quite ofter doing every thing twice, if you forget your pills don't double up. best wishes.

  • With levothyroxine it doesn't matter when you take it provided the blood is taken a few hours after the last tablet. I disagree with fasting before a blood test, this isn't done usually and not when the reference intervals are being determined. I usually have a coffee and Danish to get my stength up! GPs often believe that once the TSH is within the reference interval all is OK. This is not so, patients usually need their TSH down to around 1.0 to get better, but some need it even lower.

  • Also consider how long you may have to wait if you cancel your appointment.

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