Anyone used these for blood tests? They do an advanced thyroid test for £69 that includes TSH, FT3, FT4, T4, TPEX and TGAB. It's a test using a small sample with a lancet from the finger. The phlebotomy stuff wouldn't be an issue anyway as I'm a nurse so could get someone to take blood. It's just some of the similar tests offered by others are so expensive!

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  • They look perfectly genuine.

    But I so wish UK companies wouldn't use domains "owned" by Colombia! (Whatever the process, what is wrong with If the one you want has already gone then maybe dream up something else like

    You have, I assume, checked out Blue Horizon and Medichecks - both of which have relations with Thyroid UK?

    Obviously use Thriva if their offer is better for you!

  • I have. Blue Horizon's Thyroid check plus 10 seems slightly better value. I'd just need to nab someone at work to take my bloods.

  • salsapixie, There's an introductory TUK discount with Medichecks running until the end of Feb. Might be worth checking them out. They do fingerpick test kits, so you can do this at home if you want to. See here

  • I'm dubious about finger prick method of testing. I know it's more convenient for most and less costly than private phlebotomy, but there's some questions over accuracy. The lab at the hospital I work at can't process tiny samples when you struggle to get a decent sized sample from patients. Damage to tissue when trying to squeeze blood out of a finger can also affect some tests. That's why we're taught not to squeeze blood out when checking blood glucose. Some other tests are also very sensitive, especially potassium (not linked to thyroid I know but just making a point). I'm sure a proper blood sample is better.

  • They do conventional blood draw kits too. It's your choice :)

  • Incidentally, this Q about fingerpick kits came up a while ago, and Paul from Blue Horizon answered on the post. You may find his stance of interest.

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